Toyloy Overlooked but Huge for UC's Success

Steven Toyloy the Cincinnati Bearcats center is in his second season as a Bearcat after transferring from Miami Dade Community College. While Toyloy is a huge member of Bearcats team he seems to get overlooked. Toyloy, probable the most underappreciated player on this roster, never blows you away with his stats but does several things to help this team. Bearcat Insider spoke with Steve.

Steven Toyloy who is averaging just 4 points per game and 4.2 rebounds in his senior season does a great job defensively as his physical play helps Cincinnati own the paint. Toyloy also is an excellent rebounder but offensively he just has not really been involved. On Saturday against Seton Hall Toyloy scored just two points on one of one shooting.

Bearcat Insider asked Mick Cronin about Steven Toyloy and his importance to this year's team and Mick said "One thing about Steve Toyloy is he gives you everything he's got. I tell ya, I'm going to miss him, I wish I would have had him for four years. He's a great kid he gives you everything he's got. He's a little hard headed at times but that's what makes him a tough kid. He's a wonderful kid… Effort is never a problem with Steve I think he'll be good enough to play somewhere for some money. I also think he could start for Butch Jones next year, I don't know what position but if I was a quarterback I wouldn't want him rushing me."

Bearcat Insider also talked to Toyloy about his senior season, his goals, and what he is looking to accomplish.

Q: Do you sometimes feel underappreciated by the fans?

ST: Sometimes, but not really it don't matter I just have to do what I do.

Q: Do you think after being through the Big East once it has helped you be prepared for this season?

ST: Ya it did, that first year was crazy, the game is faster, player aren't that much stronger but a lot more talented and as talented as me so I had to learn to compete every night, because you get to play against really good players.

Q: You're known for you defense and rebounding, what do you think it is that makes you so successful in those areas?

ST: Nothing really, you just have to want to do it, that's it, if you don't set your mind to something you're not going to be able to do it.

Q: Coming out of Miami Dade you averaged a double-double; does the lack of touches bother you? ST: It bothers me a little, I do want to touch the ball more but as long as we win it doesn't really matter.

Q: What are some of your goals for your senior season?

ST: Score some more points, grab some more rebounds, play some more defense, win the Big East and compete for a National Championship.

Q: Mick said he could see you making money to play is that something you're looking to accomplish?

ST: Of course, why wouldn't I?

Q: Mick also said you could start on the football team; his exact quote was I wouldn't want him rushing me, thoughts?

ST: I've thought about that a couple times, but I'm not sure, I've never played football before (laughter).

Q: You have two consecutive road games coming about, what do you have to do to get a couple of wins?

ST: Everybody has to come prepared because road games are tougher games. Everyone has to get there mind right.

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