Parker Starting to Adjust to College Game

Just one year ago freshman guard Jaquon Parker was leading King's Fork High School in Suffolk, Virginia to a 31-3 record and a AAA state championship. Parker was named the 2009 AAA basketball player of the year as a senior.

Parker also set single season records at King's Fork for scoring, rebounding and free throws made in a season. In his freshman season at Cincinnati, Parker is averaging 3.5 points per game, in eleven games this season in just about eleven minutes per contest that he has appeared in. Parker has yet to play in a Big East game but he has got several minutes in the other contests in his early Bearcat career.

Parker who I believe will be a big time player in his Bearcat career, has the ability to do just about everything well, he has the ability to score, shoot the three, and is learning to play the point guard position. Parker is also one of the top defenders on this team.

Bearcat Insider asked Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin about his thoughts on Jaquon Parker at this point and he had the following to say. "One thing about Park he has not played a whole lot of point guard and trying to get him to play point has slowed him down a little bit. If we just put him on the wing, which may happen, as were searching for another guy to start with Deonta (Vaughn) and Lance (Stephenson) to give us some consistency in that other spot. He is a good defender and as you see he can make an open shot….. Turning him into a point guard takes time so I've slowed him down with that but I think it's going to help him in the long run as far as his game but his effort is always tremendous."

The Bearcat reserve gave Bearcat Insider the opportunity to talk with him and let us know where he is in his development, how college is working for him and what he thinks about the transition to point guard.

Q: You've become one of the favorites on Bearcat Insider and your playing time has been a question, are you frustrated with your playing time?

JP: I wouldn't say it's frustrating but it's a little new to me, but when you play for a big program you have to wait your turn and I'm definitely working hard to try to get more playing time.

Q: In Wednesdays press conference Mick said moving you to the point guard has slowed down your development do you agree?

JP: Yes it definitely did, because I'm not like a natural point guard but I'm still going to work on it and try to become a point guard, but I'll play whatever position to get playing time. But yes it slowed down me down a little bit.

Q: How do you feel your transition to the college game is going?

JP: I feel good; you get to play against the top players and teams. As long as you keep working hard positive things are going to follow. I'm just going to keep working hard but it's going really good.

Q: Mick also said in that same press conference that he has thought about moving you back to the 2 so you could play with Deonta and Lance is that something you're looking forward to?

JP: Oh yes definitely, that's a position I can play a little more and I would be comfortable, would be good for what I do like scoring on the wing. I definitely think that would be good for me.

Q: What is it about your defense that makes you so good on the defensive end of the floor?

JP: I like getting after people, making it hard for people to do things, because other people make it hard for you so why not do the same thing. That's kind of my thing, I like going on people, making it a challenge.

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