Gilyard & Pike Show NFL Skills

For Mardy Gilyard and Tony Pike the time had come to show the skills needed to play in the NFL. Both players showed why the Bearcats enjoyed so much success on the field while raising their stock in the process.

Bearcat fans know all about the exploits of Mardy Gilyard. The former Bearcat wide receiver made a name in Cincinnati making big catches and using his skills on special teams in the return game.

On Saturday, in front of a national audience, Gilyard showed he's ready for the next part of his career earning offensive player of the game honors with his 103 yards receiving along with two kick returns for 52 yards and 24 yards on two punt returns.

Tony Pike didn't have as many snaps as his former teammate but made the most of them going 5 of 12 for 45 yards all in the first half of the game.

Both players looked to have raised their stock as NFL teams look at who they'll be taking in the upcoming NFL Draft this spring.

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