Butch Jones Talks About New Class

With 22 members of the Class of 2010 signed, sealed, new Bearcats head coach Butch Jones was excited and ready to roll up his sleeves and get started on defending the Big East Championship. BearcatInsider.com spoke with Jones about his first group of signees and the latest group of Bearcats to join the program.

Named the head coach at the University of Cincinnati on December 16, 2009, Butch Jones knew his first weeks on the job would be spent getting his staff together and also putting together a solid recruiting class. With 22 new Bearcats signed on National Letter of Intent Day, Jones spoke highly of the work done in such a short time and the quality of players headed to Cincinnati.

"We were forced to develop relationships in a very short time and I can't say enough about our staff and the job they were able to do to secure this recruiting class. We're very, very excited about the individuals that are joining our Bearcats football family."

Much like previous head coaches Jones looked to work hard in the Bearcats hometown.

"The thing that is the most exciting is we were able to secure home. Home will always be first and foremost with the foundation of this program. But we were also able to venture out onto the national stage and I feel that was evident in Roney Lozano and Munchie Legaux and some other individuals. We also got into Michigan real well. We have five states in this class and I feel we took care of home but also won some battles on the national stage as well."

With the loss of Tony Pike, Jones knew finding a couple of players capable of winning the starting job in the future was a must. With much excitement Jones feels he's got two very special players.

"We're very excited as we only have three quarterbacks and two are in the same class so quarterback was a point of emphasis and I think we really helped ourselves today. Both individuals are winners as we mentioned today with Cody Kater winning two state championships and Munchie playing at a very high level of competition in Louisiana. I've very excited about both of them as they each have their little things that are unique to them but they also have a lot of similarities in terms of their demeanor, their leadership abilities and their football intelligence."

With a program that has built a reputation on being one of the top development programs in the country, Jones doesn't see anything changing as several of the recruits have frames that will be built up in the Bearcats strength program under new strength coach Dave Lawson.

"We were able to bring some individuals in that have tremendous upside; they have great growth potential and they just have a lot of potential in general. Dave Lawson will get working with them right away and because of that growth potential their multi positional players and that is what makes the future exciting as we're going to be able to develop our players like we have everywhere we've been and that is something we've taken great pride in."

While Jones is excited about the class that was assembled he knows the start of the Class of 2011 has already started and work needs to be done.

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