Binns Not a Finished Product

With talk of being one of the top wide receivers in the country next season, Armon Binns knows a lot of eyes will be looking at him. But while many feel Binns has arrived, the California native knows much work is needed. We spoke with Binns after the first day of spring practice.

Last season Armon Binns made for a great compliment in the Bearcats wide open passing attack. While most eyes were on Mardy Gilyard, Binns worked hard and opened a few eyes along the way. Now looked upon as a veteran and leader, Binns knows last season is over but not forgotten as he's taken a lot from the success he had last season into the start of spring practice.

"I've learned a lot, I've learned to come in and work every day and how to be a leader by example and how to push the guys so we can get back to where we want to be as a team."

One thing Binns is sure to have is a renewed sense of confidence. Is he feeling any different from just a few months ago?

"Kind of, but I still come to practice with the same mentality of working to get myself better because I'm still nowhere near as good as I need to be. So I'm still taking that Blue Collar work ethic into practice every day and at the same time help the younger guys and bring them along and teach them what I can."

With a new coaching staff Armon knew there would be changes, but did he expect the energy shown from the coaching staff with the loud music and chest bumping?

"It's a lot different, but I think it's good for our team. Guys came out and had a lot of energy and I think the way we ran practice gives us a chance to really interact with the guys and be competitive."

While Mardy Gilyard provided a lot of offensive firepower, Armon knows the cupboard was not left bare.

"I don't see any drop off. Vidal (Hazelton) is going to step in and do a great job and we know what D.J. (Woods) brings to the table. He's a great worker and great at catching the ball so I think we're going to have a lot of big plays."

As for any personal goals Armon plans on keeping it simple.

"Learn the system, get to the point where I'm not thinking and just reacting and get our timing down and improve overall as a team and as an offense are my goals for the spring."

With talk of being one of the top receivers in next year's NFL Draft, Armon knows if he doesn't have a good senior year things will never happen. Because of this he's not thinking too much about what could happen a year from now. Is he thinking about being a player drafted next year?

"Not at all, I'm worried about Fresno State and week one and playing my best for that game and that is all."

Another change the Bearcats have seen is the difference in the strength and conditioning program. What has stuck out the most?

"I think Coach Lawson has done a great job of pushing us and placing us in stressful environments to makes us better each day."

With some young receivers looking to push him and Bearcat fans looking for him to take his game to another level, Armon Binns knows people are watching. But for him the spring is about doing the small things to get better and help his team win come next season.

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