Goebel Knows This Is It

Senior to be running back John Goebel knows this spring is his last. What does Goebel plan to do? Make it the best spring of his career.

It seems only a short time ago that John Goebel suited up for his first practice as a Bearcat. Now, after the ups and downs faced by many, Goebel is preparing for his final spring sessions with a look towards the season. While many changes have taken place since the Brother Rice High School (Bloomfield, MI) product has arrived on campus, he wouldn't change it for the world.

"It's crazy, I was talking with my mom on the phone and this is the last spring practices of my career. It really has flown by and there are a lot of great memories and I love it, but I know I'm also going to miss it."

"Craig Carey told me last year, it's going to be the season before you know it and once the season comes it goes by so fast. I'm really just enjoying the process, coaches always say to enjoy the process, but, it's my senior year and I'm really enjoying the process and willing to do whatever it takes right now because it's my last season with the Bearcats and I want to come in extra and do the extras needed to be successful. It's our last chance as seniors and what is our legacy going to be when we leave? We want to leave BCS Bowl Game Champions so we've got to put the work in to achieve."

With Butch Jones and staff being the third head coach during his career, Goebel feels things are still on track and only getting better.

"I think Coach Jones and his staff has done a great job of just coming in here and just coming to us knowing we're a bunch of guys that have won back-to-back Big East Championships, but have also lost back-to-back BCS games. So they've kind of taken the mentality of we know you're here, but we want to take you past were you've been. Looking at it from a seniors perspective, I think they are doing a great job and I'm going to be so excited about coming back here as an alum in five years to see how they are doing. I know these freshmen may feel it's hard right now, but I can tell from my experiences their doing the right things right now to win."

While at one time he was on track to have already finished his career, but a move by Brian Kelly extended Goebel's stay an extra year. Goebel knows the extra year is a blessing.

"It's funny, we counted and I think there are seven of us here from the 2006 class right now and that's counting Jamar Howard who was here but left right before the season and now has come back. I've had my struggles, but I'm healthy now. Last year was very frustrating to me with my hamstring and my hand, but right now my mentality is to get bigger, stronger, and faster of course, but top priority is to stay healthy. I know we're going to have a good enough team that if I can stay healthy, I know I can contribute enough to do what it takes to win another Big East Championship and win a BCS game this year. Our team is awesome this year and I just want to be able to experience it with them."

Looking back, how many people are now laughing at John for his choice of Cincinnati prior to the programs recent success?

"I think it's kind of funny because when I first committed here it was the day before my first senior practice in high school. People were like why did he commit early to Cincinnati? That's not a premier school, why did he commit early? But I saw the signs of what the future would be. They were in the process of building all these things. I wasn't sure if I should believe them, but I got a sense that things were getting done, and Mike Thomas, our AD, has done an awesome job too as they've fulfilled their promises. I know a lot of people in business will always tell you they're doing all these things but never follow through with it. But at UC they really have."

For John Goebel the spring will soon come to an end and the fall will bring with it his last chance to show his ability as a running back. With strong competition at the position, John knows he'll need to stay healthy and put forth the work needed to put up the numbers many feel he's capable of posting.

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