Frey Looking To Be Leader For Bearcats

Going from small school star to starter in the defensive backfield of a Big East Champion may have surprised some, but for Drey Frey, he knew this is the way it would happen. Now with a change of coaching and defensive scheme, Frey is ready to be a leader for the Bearcats.

Those who have doubted the abilities of Drew Frey have now been silenced. But while the story of going from small school (Clinton Massie) to University of Cincinnati Bearcat is a good one, it's not what has made Frey successful. Hard work and determination have separated Frey from those who may have had a longer offer sheet, but it's his ability to adapt to change that will help Frey find success with a new coaching staff and defensive change.

How have the early days of spring treated Frey?

"It's been great, it's a good time as we've been inside all winter. We've had some nice days and have already put in a lot of hard work installing a lot of new stuff and running around playing fast the first two practices."

While Frey will only be listed as a sophomore, he's been on campus for three of the most successful seasons in UC history. But with the success has also come a change at the top of the Bearcats football program. How had this change gone so far?

As of right now we're really focused on what we have in front of us in Coach Jones. The past is the past, there has been a change, but we're ready for the change and we're excited about getting a new system installed with Coach Jones and we're excited about just going out each day and playing hard on each down."

After suffering an injury after a promising start in the preseason of his freshman season and then another injury that ended his season after four games into his redshirt freshman year, Frey knows he's got time to enjoy his career injury free. Where does he stand now from an injury standpoint?

"Right now I'm looking to maintain and not be in recovery."

While other teammates are adjusting to the changes in the coaching staff, Frey has the privilege to keep working with the only position coach he's known. How has that effected his attitude going into the spring?

"I couldn't do it without Coach Coombs, he's been the best coach I've ever had. I like to call him "Fireball" as he's always got that positive energy. You don't find that too often when you have a guy that is so passionate for the game to have that attitude as well. So it's great to work with a guy like Coach Coombs because he's always pushing you to do your best and it's always a positive atmosphere while doing it, so it's the best of both worlds."

From the first day he signed with the Bearcats, Drew knew he'd have to make some adjustments. Coming from a small school and playing against a lower level of competition had many questioning if he'd be able to take his game to the top of college football. But soon after arriving on campus Frey learned it was more about an attitude than just athletic skills.

"It's been a big transition coming out of a small school. It took a lot of work to adjust to the speed of the game, but that is just an attitude and an effort you've got to give day in and day out. If you've got the right attitude you can do anything. Of course you need speed and strength on the field, but if you've got the right attitude that's the first step and I had that coming out of high school. Coming here I was surrounded by a lot of future NFL players who I looked up to everyday. They taught me a lot by their work ethic and their play on the field. I learned a lot from those guys and once they moved on to bigger and better things I kind of stepped in trying to fill the roles they left behind."

Despite his youth Frey knows leaders need to be found. As for his goals this spring he was quick to point out his desire to become a player the coaching staff and his fellow teammates look towards.

"I want to be a vocal and physical leader on this team. Our secondary is very young and I want to be the guy they look to for help. But even with that, I've got to work on things myself every day. I've also got to get better every day working on my footwork and fundamentals."

If Drew Frey can stay injury free this spring he'll have a chance to become the leader he desires and the Bearcats will need leaders if they hope to defend their Big East title.

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