New Staff Has Caught Hoffman's Attention

The winter and now early parts of spring have Alex Hoffman feeling good about where he stands at the University of Cincinnati. With a new coaching staff and many changes, Hoffman knows while some may feel things are different it doesn't mean there bad.

"Definitely a lot of changes, a new coaching staff, a new message. I feel like our big three is protecting the football, establish our hard edge (our mentality) and develop our fundamentals and techniques."

While Butch Jones is preaching the basics, he's really pushing for players to take their game to another level without losing focus.

"I feel we're coming out here competing. Coach always talks about a mentality. There is offense and defense out here, but our team goal is as one. We know when to turn it on and turn it off between the whistles. I feel this spring is all about us coming out here and developing our toughness and a mentality to where we can come out here and dominate."

With a few new drills in place to test toughness, Hoffman knows every day is a new challenge.

"The drills are much more physical. We have a Panther drill and a Mountaineer drill where it's all about competing. It's always about you against a defensive lineman or you against an offensive lineman. We're banging and bruising every day. Last year we had hour-half practices and now we have two-hours and forty five minutes. We may have started a little out of shape but our conditioning level is going up."

Like many of his teammates the Indianapolis native has embraced the changes. How well does he feel the team has taken to the new staff?

"With open arms, change is good. Our offense wants to get better and we know we're a little sluggish right now and a little out of tempo, but we're getting there and we're learning as an offense."

With the loss of Tony Pike, Hoffman will be looking to protect not only his quarterback but one of his best friends.

"I really feel comfortable with Zach back there as he's one of my roommates. We don't have any hesitation with who we have back at any position."

Two Big East Championships latter Hoffman can laugh at the last of interest during the recruiting process.

"I feel like I'm blessed. Even with one offer I feel like I've been blessed as I've learned it doesn't mean anything. It's about what you do when you get here and not what you had before it."

As for the changes in the weight program Alex has seen firsthand results.

"You have to be tough to get through Coach Lawson's workouts. I feel like our guys are tough and we're seeing the results as we're developing our bodies. I've put on ten pounds and feel really good."

With expectations high, Alex Hoffman knows the offensive line needs to have a good spring and summer prior to the rigors of the season. He also knows the work being done now will have a huge payoff when the time comes.

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