Giordano Starting To Enjoy College

Dan Giordano pushed forward last season and earned some valuable playing time as a redshirt freshman. Now with a coaching change and defensive scheme change, the Frankfort, Illinois native is looking to take the next steps in advancing his career.

How has the change gone so far?

"For me and as a team we feel change is pretty good. These coaches are bringing a lot to the table and everybody is buying in to what these coaches bring to the table and I feel we're going to have a great season."

While Dan has some playing time under his belt, he knows this spring is the time to place a gap between him and any other teammate looking to earn playing time.

"I think like any other player your goals for the spring are to establish yourself for a starting spot for the summer, get ahead, get ready for camp, and earn that spot and hope it transitions into the season."

Dan knows his time on the field last year gives him a slight edge and he's hoping that gives him enough to keep off the competition behind him.

"I think experience has a lot to do at this level of the game. You can teach a guy by watching film but he's not out there on the field acting it out, so he's never going to get a feel for the game as the speed is different than high school."

While Dan entered Cincinnati under Brian Kelly and his high tempo practices, he feels and sees the changes under Butch Jones.

"Practice is a lot more up-tempo, chaotic, controlled chaotic. We've got the music playing loud and people running all over but I think it's good. Part of being a good football player is having that mental toughness, blocking out the sound, reading your snaps and knowing what's going on in the game."

With expectations high how much can this year's team take from last season?

"The 12-0 season was good but that was last year's team. We've got the 2010 season right here and we're going to take charge of this one. We've got to form a new identity for ourselves and put last season in the past."

One thing Dan learned fast at the college level was he really wasn't ready. Has it been everything he thought it would be?

"It's been more; I didn't know how to take it coming out of high school. I wasn't really prepared for college and I'm just starting to enjoy the process now."

One area Bearcat fans worried about was the changes in the strength program. As most players have stressed they've seen personal best in several areas with the change in the program. How has the change gone for Dan?

"I'm at the heaviest I've been since coming here. I feel like my speed is pretty good and my strength is up. I also feel these coaches are about injury prevention as we're doing a lot of stretching after practice. These coaches take time and put in the program. They don't care what time of the day it is there going to come out here and do it right."

Did Dan prepare himself for chest bumping with his coaches?

"No, I never thought that would happen, but it's good for building relationships and a family atmosphere."

Penciled in as the starting right defensive end Dan Giordano knows he's got some big shoes to fill. He also knows other are breathing down his neck looking to take his spot and anything less than full effort could see his goal of becoming a starter come up short.

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