Practice Report Day 2: Pushing Through Heat

Day two of Camp Jones was much the same as day one, just slightly hotter. The Bearcats again focused mainly on the basics and fundamentals as they prepare for the season opener against Fresno State.

The heat looked to have played a factor in some of the players fatigue towards the end of practice. While no player looked to go down with a heat-related injury, several players looked rather sluggish in end of practice seven-on-seven drill. So much so that head coach Butch Jones had to yell at the receivers as a group about walking off the field.

"It was another great gauge on our mental toughness with the temperatures out here, but I thought we battled through. We had to challenge them a little bit at the end (of practice)," Jones said.

During the seven-on-seven drill Jones also yelled at the defense and challenged them to simply win the drill and not worry about anything else. Almost on cue, J.K. Schaffer stepped in front of a Zach Collaros pass intended for Ben Guidugli for the clean interception. The play really fired up the defense for the rest of the drill.

Coach Kerry Coombs was again his fiery self, getting on Bruce Horner for his pre-snap defensive stance. On that play he allowed a catch right in front of him, prompting Coombs to tell him the reception happened because of his improper stance.

All practice long D.J. Woods and Vidal Hazelton were the models of consistency, catching everything thrown their way with ease. The first-string wide receivers and Zach Collaros have looked very much in sync in the early going.

Jake Rodgers practiced a few kickoffs today, booming the ball consistently to the goal line with good hang time as well. Of course, a strong leg has never been Rodgers' problem.

One new wrinkle to the offense this season could be the use of the option play out of the shotgun. The quarterbacks and running backs worked on the option and mesh drills during one of the periods today.

After practice many of the freshmen and redshirt freshmen were on the field getting some extra reps. Quarterbacks Cody Kater and Munchie Legaux again showed strong arms and the ability to throw a nice spiral.

After practice Jones said this is something will happen several times over the summer.

"There will be a lot more of it, just to get them reps and develop our young players and see if they can help us this year," Jones said. "Again, their minds are kind of racing right now with all that has been thrown at them. So it's just an opportunity to slow the pace down and teach a little bit and coach a little bit and get them coached up on our fundamentals and our schemes."

Kater also looks to be very accurate. On one play Kater threaded the needle over the middle with a bit of touch over the linebacker, hitting his receiver in the hands.

Montrel Church also had another nice practice in limited repetitions, running some nice routes and showing strong hands.

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