Goebel Embracing His Role

Taking part in his fifth fall camp at Higher Ground, John Goebel has been through it all at the University of Cincinnati.

As a freshman in 2006 he was part of a team that finished 8-5. Now in 2010, he is possibly on the brink of winning three straight Big East championships and appearing in three consecutive BCS bowl games.

"It would mean so much to me as an individual (to achieve those goals), so much to our team and I know the city, it means a lot to them," Goebel said. "I'm glad we aren't ranked because we are going to start bringing it to some people."

As a big recruit out of Michigan, some questioned why Goebel choose Cincinnati because it wasn't considered a football school.

"Nobody, still to this day gives us any credit and I love it. I won a state championship in high school and everybody asked why I was going to UC, it's not a football school," Goebel said. "I believed in what they were doing here and the type of players they were recruiting. (They said) we weren't Big Ten or SEC material, but if you watch tape, we are."

He is part of what could be the most talented backfield in the Big East. Along with Isaiah Pead and Darrin Williams, Goebel knows he has to do everything right to see the playing time he has seen in the past.

"Coach Addae keeps it real with me," said Goebel. "He's like, in order to play you have to do all the little things right; you have to align right every time, pick up the right blockers and do it right every time and I think that has helped my game out a lot."

With his role on the field in question, the one thing that he knows for sure is that his teammates look at him as a leader and don't hesitate to listen to him when he speaks. "I love the fact that my teammates have put a lot into me. I love my role on this team, I love that my teammates listen to me and that I have a voice. To whom much is given, much is required."

Goebel has battled injuries in the past, but looks as healthy as he did two years ago when he played a large role on the field leading the Cats to the Orange Bowl. He will be used out of the back field in passing situations, as a key blocking back, as well as a short yardage back with the departure of Jacob Ramsey.

"As a running back, (Isaiah) Pead and Darrin (Williams) are so fast, they have great instincts with the football in their hands and are good blockers too," Goebel said. "Now without Jake Ramsey I'm kind of the big guy, I have to get the tough yardage and I have to do it whether I like it or not. And I like that, that is personally what I came in as, an I-formation running back and that is what I enjoy doing."

Goebel takes pride in the fact that he is seen as a leader and before the season is underway, he is using his role as a leader to make the biggest impact he can; on and off the field.

"John has done a great job for us and he's has to be a jack-of-all-trades so to speak," head coach Butch Jones said. "Catching the ball to pass protection to our short yardage back and so on."

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