Back in the swing of things

CLEMSON - Start No. 15 may have been a comfortable looking 25-point win, but Kyle Parker is looking to shake off some rust.

The redshirt sophomore quarterback would like to clean a few things heading into this weekend's game versus Presbyterian and more importantly, next weekend's game at Auburn. At the West End Zone on Tuesday, he talked about the first game in what's likely to be his final season as Clemson's quarterback.

"More consistency, I think. Game management, just getting the guys on the same page and just continue to look at the film and try to get better," Parker said.

He completed 9 of 17 passing attempts for 170 yards and two touchdowns in Saturday's season opening 35-10 win over North Texas.

"I thought everything went fairly well for the first game, not really knowing what to expect and trying to get back into the flow of everything," Parker said.

One glaring mistake from last week was the red zone interception in the third quarter. After already hooking up with Brandon Clear on a 70-yard touchdown strike, Parker tried to force the issue again.

"I just tried to fit one in there. It was me trying to be a little too greedy," Parker said "If I had to go back and do it again, I'd just throw it out of the back of the end zone. There really weren't a whole lot of places to go with the ball.

"But whenever you're in those types of games, you know you should be scoring a lot of points. That was kind of what was going through my head. We've got to put another one in the end zone right now, instead of just saying, ‘All right, we'll take a field goal and move on and do another possession.'"

A decision like that is a product of being away from game situations for nearly nine months.

Just some early season rust, if you will.

"Anytime you're going out there after really a year off of not being in a game situation in football, it's tough. I think it's tough for the whole team," Parker said. "You end up doing things that aren't typical. I think that's the biggest thing that we can learn on."

Fortunately for Parker, there's one more week to learn before things really start to heat up. Top Stories