Wednesday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Wednesday's practice and more.


OPENING STATEMENT: It's hard to believe it's Thursday already for week two. We've had good practice this week, both yesterday and today—the pads practice. Good intensity from our scout teams. That's been good to see, those guys were bringing a lot of energy to practice. They're working hard. We've had good intensity from the scout groups. That's been really good at the practices the last couple of days to help us work on some things we need to clean up.

MIGUEL CHAVIS: Miguel looks good. I think he's probable, if I had to say today. He went through all the drills, did all that stuff today.

CAUTIOUS WITH JARVIS JENKINS?: Yea. He felt better today. Ran well, ran sprints at the end of practice. Looked pretty good. We'll talk more about him in the morning. We'll be cautious with him at this point. He was limited today.

BRANDON MAYE: I would say he's probably going to be doubtful. Certainly, I'd be shocked if he's not ready to roll next week versus Auburn. He wasn't really able to practice like he needed to yesterday and today. He's getting stronger every day. It's really loosened up on him. Probably, by Friday, he's going to be feeling really good. He hadn't had much practice reps, so I'd say he's probably doubtful.

BIGGER ROLES AT RECEIVER?: No. We just play them like we've been playing. It's one game. Those guys did a good job…pretty much the same right now. We're pleased with what the guys did Saturday with the opportunities we had. Hopefully, we'll learn a lot more in the next couple of weeks.

EXTENDED STAY FOR TIG WILLARD: He did not play as well Saturday as he's practiced. I think a lot of it was just, hadn't really been there before. That many reps, so hopefully he'll be a little more at ease and play like he's capable of Saturday. It could be a blessing in the end because Brandon [Maye] has played a lot of football for us and Tig's just kind of getting going. Hopefully, it will be a good day for him.

RENNIE MORE FOR JARVIS?: Rennie will certainly play a lot. [Tyler] Shatley as well. Those guys will get a lot of time. Rennie played well Saturday. He was a real bright spot in the ball game. He was real active. It'll be a good opportunity for him.

THIRD QB ON SATURDAY?: I hope. That'd be great. We love them opportunities when they come by our choice. Not when it's not our choice. Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to play several guys. You don't go into the game, planning to—you've got to do whatever you've got to do to win the game. If we've got the opportunity, certainly we'll play as many guys as we can.

PREPARING FOR AUBURN THIS WEEK?: You'll get embarrassed real quick. You have to prepare for an opponent. If you're physically better or have more talented players, you better prepare because they've got good coaches and guys with pride and going to line up and play hard. You'd look like the village idiot real quick if you can't block your schemes. Next thing you know, it's a blocked punt. You have to prepare every week the same, regardless of who you're playing. Top Stories