Expect the unexpected from P.C.

CLEMSON - To Chris Hairston, there's no such thing as a disappointing win. But Saturday's 25-point, season opening win over North Texas could have gone better.

A lot better.

"I've never been disappointed by a win, but you always have to take the things you do and understand, to get better, you have to learn from them," Hairston said at the West End Zone on Tuesday. "It might not have been the best win. It didn't have any style points. It was ugly out there. A lot of mistakes, but we won. I can't be disappointed in that."

It's almost par for the course during the first game of the season. Rarely are season openers close to flawless performances.

Hairston knows that.

"Things come up. But I think, as a team, we fought through it," he said. "We may not have done the things we need to do in every aspect of the game, but we were able to come out with a win. That's the most important thing.

"That's how we gauge how our team is doing—by wins and losses…we can't have a performance like that against a better team."

The senior left tackle has a laundry list of items from last weekend's game that require improvement before next weekend's trip to Auburn.

"Communication was one thing that was real big," he said. "We had a couple of delay of game penalties. That just shows that we have to have that sense of urgency. There were a few [missed assignments]—some of our young guys, some of our veterans that understand what has to be done. There are a lot of little things. We saw it on both sides of the ball on Saturday. We have to understand that can't be done on a successful team."

Fortunately for Hairston and the rest of his teammates, one final warm up stands before Clemson and its first true litmus test of 2010.

Of course, he's not chalking the Presbyterian game up as a win yet.

"You can't take any opponent lightly, because they can come in and beat you," Hairston said.

He provided a quick rundown of what to expect from the Blue Hose defensive front—not that it's much different than many others the Tigers will face this year.

"They're going to do some twisting, blitzing, stunting and moving. We'll have to do a little extra film study for them," Hairston said.

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