2012 QB a frequent visitor

A 2012 quarterback with an offer from Clemson will be a regular in Tigertown to watch his brother play this fall.

QB Kaleb Nobles Profile

Fitzgerald High School (Georgia) junior Kaleb Nobles watched his older brother Kasey Nobles score his first career college touchdown during Clemson's 58-21 win over Presbyterian on Saturday.

"It was pretty cool…it's been a while since he scored since high school. It was cool to see him celebrating and have fun on the field yesterday," Kaleb said.

It was also a special moment for their father, Buddy Nobles, who coached former Clemson football players C.J. Spiller and Kevin Alexander.

"As soon as my brother caught it, he stood up and we looked at each other in shock because it hasn't happened in forever," Kaleb said.

Kaleb told CUTigers on Sunday that he plans to be at as many of his brother's games as possible.

"Because it's my brother's last year, we're going to try to see as many games as we can for him because I've got a whole other year next year," he said. "I'm not sure if I'm going to go to a lot more games this year, just being able to see my brother play his senior year is pretty cool. We're going to going to go to all his games if we can."

But that's been the case over the last several years.

"It's pretty much all familiar to me now. I've seen everything," Kaleb said.

So far, Clemson is the only offer he's picked up on the recruiting trail. Dabo Swinney extended the offer in the first session of camp this past June.

"It was pretty exciting to know that I've worked hard enough to have the chance to even play college football. It's pretty cool," Nobles said. "To get a chance to go play or have a chance to play at Clemson or somewhere like that, it's good."

Since Sept. 1, he said, letters from schools all across the country have been filtering in through the mail.

Vanderbilt, Duke, Wake Forest, Alabama, Nebraska and Oregon are a few of the schools that have been in contact so far.

"I'm planning on enrolling early in college, I've got my schedule set up for that," Nobles said. "I'm going to have to do it before January [of 2011]. I won't go to signing day or anything, but I'll have it done, most likely before my senior year."

Through three games this Fall, Fitzgerald is 2-1. Nobles has thrown for about 500 yards and five touchdowns. As a sophomore, he threw for 2,120 yards, 24 touchdowns and five interceptions.

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