Napier's Notebook

Offensive coordinator Billy Napier talks about Saturday's 27-24 loss to No. 15 Auburn.

THE PASS CATCHERS: The use of Dwayne Allen, Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper was by design Saturday night on The Plains.

And Napier said there's no doubt those three will continue to get the ball through the air.

Allen had a team-high 5 catches for 66 yards and Ellington grabbed 4 receptions for 48 yards. Of Harper's 3 catches, two went for scores.

"When you're going into a situation like we had, we're going to try to get the guys I feel most confident about the ball as much as possible," Napier said.

The distribution of catches among the wide receivers was veteran heavy.

"I do think there are guys in that receiver group that showed they're veteran players and that environment didn't scare them," Napier said. "I think Xavier Dye and Marquan Jones, in particular, made some plays when given opportunities. I did think some other guys didn't play as well."

Jones and Dye had 4 and 3 catches, respectively.

"I do think that there's some young talent there that we can get into position as we game plan to feature guys in that group," Napier said.

THREE TACKLES AT ONE TIME: Brandon Thomas played all 11 of his snaps as a third tackle. That's one of the wrinkles Napier has borrowed from the New Orleans Saints.

He plans to continue with it throughout this season. Phillip Price will also be involved in that role, which is similar to that of a tight end.

"We're just kind of trying to deal with some depth concerns we have at that position the best way…we've got who we've got," Napier said.

He went on to say that Thomas' play against Auburn was impressive.

"Brandon Thomas had a heck of a game. He played 11 plays and made a difference in the game, in terms of our production," Napier said. "We'll continue to do that more in the future."

SNAP TOTALS: Napier would like to be able to go to a third running back to help spell Ellington and Harper, who played 41 and 45 snaps, respectively.

Same goes for Allen, who played all 86.

"I don't think it's feasible for us to expect him to do that over the course of the season, especially since we're about to play 10 in a row," Napier said.

The plan is to still redshirt freshmen Vic Beasley and Sam Cooper.

STILL AT JORDAN-HARE: Napier was pleased with the play of his team, for the most part. The outcome could have been different had a few more plays gone in their favor—particularly those in the third quarter.

That's where the level of execution dropped.

"We left four or five plays out there," he said. "I think the three possessions in the third quarter, the two three-and-outs and the five-play and punt. I think that's kind of a dual edge sword, not only for our defense, but for us." Top Stories