Wednesday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Wednesday's practice and the move of Brandon Ford to tight end.


OPENING STATEMENT: It was good to get back out on the field. They were really into it. I saw that Monday night, too. They were anxious to get back. The team, I would kind of characterize them as mad. They're kind of mad at what happened Saturday—mad at themselves. They want to do something about it to get it right. Good practice. I like the leadership of this team. I like what I see from that standpoint. Today and tomorrow is like a typical Tuesday practice for us. Good meetings yesterday. A good team outing, which was fun. Another good day tomorrow and we've got a good start. We're in our plan already for Miami. One more day and they'll be off this weekend. Bring them back, check them in Sunday and back to work on Monday for the week. Again, another good practice.

THE OFFENSIVE LINE: It was fine. Mason [Cloy] moved to left guard. We put Brandon Thomas in there. Brandon's going to be fine. He's a football player. He got some guard work. We trained him up at guard some in camp. It's not like he hasn't been in there. He's a really good tackle, too. He's kind of like David Smith in that regard. He's a luxury kind of a guy because he can play either spot. We've got a little bit of flexibility. He's played a little bit now to where he's got some confidence to go with his youth a little bit. But he's a big, strong guy that's athletic, can run and is physical. I think he'll do a good job for us. I talked to him today. He's got to step it up.

CROSS-TRAINING HELPED HERE?: No question. We're able to take one bullet, maybe two. After that, you start getting in trouble. Hopefully we'll be all right getting David back to full-speed here in a couple of weeks.

MASON CLOY ON SATURDAY: He played good except for a couple of plays. He had a couple of plays that he didn't bend his knees. Mason's done some really good things, but he gave up a sack, which was disappointing. Technique, just all technique. He's done a good job for us so far in big games. He had two or three plays that he'd like to have back, that's for sure.

STILL AN OPTION AT CENTER: He'd have to play some if something happened to Dalton [Freeman].

TACKLE AS EXTRA BLOCKER/HELP AT TE: That was just something in a power situation. You're going to force the issue and try to get another 300 pounder in there at the point of attack in that power play, just getting that yard or two in short-yard situations…we're taking Brandon Ford and moving him to tight end. We actually started toying with it a week or so ago. We made it a full-time move for this season right now. We're going to see if we can get him up to about 235. He really has great ball skills. He's a little bit of a better matchup inside against some of those bigger linebackers. We had been toying with it a little bit for a couple of weeks, just haven't moved him. We're going to see if we can grow him up a little bit. He wants to do it. Darrell Smith did a really good job the other night when he got in there. I think he's capable of being a solid guy. Dwayne [Allen], I'm proud of him because he stepped up. He played offensive snaps, he's playing punt team. He's getting after it.

FORD AT TE: We actually started working him some last week.

FIRST TEAM QB SNAPS: Tajh [Boyd] took all the ones. Mike Wade took the twos. KP was there for all of it. He looked better. KP was moving around much better, actually. I think that will continue over the next several days. Hopefully he'll come back Monday ready to go.

RENNIE MOORE AND MIGUEL CHAVIS' PLAY?: Our whole front. All of those guys. Ninety-nine, 98, Rennie—they're talented guys. They are disruptive. They play hard. They play with a low pad level and they play with their hands the way you're supposed to. They're a load. I thought physically dominated at the line of scrimmage—both side of the ball. That's the kind of play we have to have. We just have to be smarter—not beat ourselves.

SPENCER SHUEY TIMEFRAME: Whenever he's well. We'll wait and see. I would say he's pretty doubtful for Miami. You never know. We'll see how he feels when he comes back. I would say, most likely, North Carolina. We're shooting for North Carolina on David Smith, too. That'll be three weeks at that time. Top Stories