Thursday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the final practice of the open week and more.


OPENING STATEMENT: I'm going to probably miss the last 10 minutes of it. I'll miss the two-minute drill. I have to go to Greenville for the radio thing. You know what, for an open date, especially coming off of an emotional loss, the team has really practiced well. You always worry about the last day before they're going to get a couple of days off. You wonder where their minds are going to be, they've had good focus today. Really, really good from start to finish. Had a very competitive team pass period. I hate that I'm going to miss the two-minute. Had a really good inside drill today. It was just like another Tuesday practice. Doing well out there. Having some guys come back, starting to get some spring back in their legs. That's good to see. They'll get another good day of conditioning. We've also been working with the jayvee. We did that yesterday and today. While we condition the varsity, we take the jayvee over and have inside drills, one-on-ones, a lot of those guys aren't playing.

KYLE PARKER: Kyle was a little better today. He's starting to come around. He actually threw the ball around some. Did some individual. He's starting to get a little spring back. He's not ready to do cartwheels, though. He's on the mend. I expect he'll be ready to roll on Monday.

WIDE RECEIVERS: They've all made plays. Every one of the seven guys that we're playing. Everyone of them have made plays. I'm not displeased with any of them. We had a drop the other not. That was disappointing. I think we're starting to get a good feel of who our most dynamic guys are. We're still developing them. At some point, we're going to have to throw the ball to win. I'm confident with where we are right now.

WR DEPTH CHART: I would say Jaron [Brown] is up there. [Xavier] Dye had a really good game. He made some plays. Marquan [Jones] has been really consistent. I'm really pleased with Bryce McNeal. He's got it. We've got to continue to get him some more opportunities. The same thing with [DeAndre] Hopkins. I love those three guys, as far as what they bring—Nuke, Bryce and Jaron. They' very dynamic guys. [Brandon] Clear and Dye have done a nice job with their opportunities. I just think we've got a good, healthy situation. All those guys are going to continue to be contributors. At some point, I think they'll separate.

BYE WEEK IMPORTANCE: You go back and look at what you've done so far. We've only played three games. We do have some good data. We say, here's where we are. We're very honest with it. Here's what we've done good, what we don't think we've done good, here's what we've got to get better. Let's get all in and go do it. If they respond the right way, then you have a chance to come out and play well after the open date. I think that's what we're going to do. I think guys have the right mentality, the right type of demeanor at practice, the right type of focus. They want to be good. This team wants to be good. They really want to be a good football team. Everybody wants to win. This team is really willing to do what it takes. The open date is really about working on ourselves and getting a head start for our next opponent and getting well.

AUBURN LOSS PUT TO BED?: Oh yea, absolutely. But I don't want them to forget. I want them to remember those Tigers. I want them to remember, remember what it felt like when you were in that locker room and on that bus ride home. That's a great motivating thing. We don't want to let that happen. That's why we work so hard. Top Stories