Heading back to Clemson

It's been a while since Stanton Seckinger was last at Clemson, but he'll be in Tigertown this weekend for an unofficial visit when Clemson plays Miami.

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CUTigers caught up with the Porter-Gaud School senior wide receiver as he was wrapping up an unofficial at Duke. Seckinger's trip for Saturday's game against Miami will be his first visit to Clemson since the Dabo Swinney Football Camp.

"It'll be nice to go up and see the coaches again and kind of refresh my memory on the atmosphere and the campus feel," he said. "That's something that's big to me—whether I like the campus or not. When I went up there as a junior, I enjoyed the campus. I'm just trying to take a visit to everywhere and at the end, look back and say, ‘OK. These are the places I really liked. What would be the place that I would really like to go?'

"I'm just trying to take a visit to every place and decide from there where would be the best place."

So far this fall, Seckinger has attended the South Carolina/Georgia game and the Duke/Army game. He'll make a trip to NC State after the weekend in Clemson.

Clemson has a grey-shirt offer on the table and NC State has offered.

"Duke said they don't really offer anyone until they're able to meet them in person. After this weekend, I'm expecting one soon," Seckinger said. "I guess kind of the same thing with Carolina. They seem interested, so I'm expecting one soon."

He listed his favorites.

"Right now it's obviously Clemson and NC State, the two people that have offered me. I'm interested in South Carolina," Seckinger said. "This was my first time going up to Duke. I'm giving Duke to see what it was like. This weekend was fun. As of right now, those are my top-four. I would say closer to top-three would be Clemson, Carolina and NC State."

While growing up in the Charleston area, he never really picked a side in the in-state rivalry.

"My mom played volleyball at Clemson, so she was a Clemson fan. The whole other half of my family all went to law school at Carolina. We kind of have had the whole family divided-type atmosphere growing up," Seckinger said. "Our whole family comes together to watch the game. It's a fun little rivalry. I usually just watch for a good game, just kind of for the fun of it."

Through five games this season, he has 41 receptions for 676 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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