Aiming for improvement

CLEMSON - One of the goals posted in the Clemson wide receiver meeting room: no drops. And Wide receiver coach Jeff Scott doesn't think it's too farfetched to expect perfection.

"That's a very reachable goal every week…we think it's a very realistic expectation that we catch every football that touches our hands. I think we can do that," Scott said Monday.

Two drops were recorded in the 27-24 loss at No. 15 Auburn—one by Terrance Ashe and another by Jaron Brown.

Brown was charged with a drop even though quarterback Kyle Parker said the overtime throw into the end zone should have been better. On Monday following the game, Scott asked Brown if the catch was a makeable one.

"It would have been a great catch, with the lay-out," Scott said. "Those are game winners, walk-off homeruns. I have no doubt, put in that situation again, he can make that catch.

"Unfortunately, it's tough to learn from those types of experiences. I challenge those guys with; we're going to be put in this situation again sometime this year. Let's learn from it. Because of this situation, let's be sure that we're ready and get the job done next time."

Marquan Jones leads all Clemson wide receivers with five receptions. Brown and Bryce McNeal each have four and DeAndre Hopkins has three and Xavier Dye has two.

Brown, Jones and Dye are the starters listed on the depth chart. As many as seven receivers, including Ashe and Brandon Clear, will play against Miami.

How many snaps they play on Saturday depends on practice performance during the week.

"It'll continue to be just like last week. The guys that do the best job in practice and feel the most comfortable with, those will be the guys that get the chances and the early opportunities in the games," Scott said.

He expects to see mostly man-to-man coverage with a little bit of zone sprinkled by the Hurricane secondary.

"They'll play probably six different guys at those four positions," Scott said. "They're very solid. They've recruited very well at those positions. Miami always has been known for their skill guys and their speed. No question, watching them on video, you see about what you expect out of a Miami defense." Top Stories