Wednesday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney discusses Wednesday's practice and this weekend's game versus No. 16 Miami.


OPENING STATEMENT: It was a good practice. It was good to get some work in a pretty steady rain that lasted for 30 minutes or so at the end of practice. We're obviously further ahead than we would be on a typical Wednesday—had a good two-minute drill. I tell you, we have several young guys. We always talk about our older guys. There are some younger guys on our scout squads doing a good job. A guy like Demont Buice—it's like the light has come on for him. Vic Beasley and Joe Craig, those guys are doing a good job—same thing over there on the defensive side—Tavaris Barnes. Garry Peters is a guy that caught my eye this week. Had more time to look at more guys than you would normally have. Good day, good practice. We're just kind of working toward Saturday.

HOW HAS KYLE PARKER LOOKED THIS WEEK?: Good, good. I thought he had his best day today. He's kind of working himself back into a good groove having taken all week off last week. He looked good today. Very good. You can just tell. He was zipping it around well.

OTHER INJURIES: Spencer [Shuey], we'll talk about him again in the morning. He pretty much did everything yesterday and the same thing today. I feel pretty good about him having a real shot at playing, if we needed him to play. I think he could do it. Last week, I wasn't quite as sure. We'll finalize it tomorrow. I think he's looking to be upgraded a little bit. David [Smith] is out, for sure. He's just continuing his rehab.

WHAT ABOUT TIG WILLARD? He's good. All of his pain and swelling has gone down. With it being his left arm, not his throwing arm, it's not something that they won't ever do surgery on. It's just a matter of getting the pain out of it and rehabbing it. He should be full speed.

MORE ON BRANDON FORD'S MOVE: He's getting better. It's been a good open date for him. He's got a lot to digest and learn. He's coming on. I think that he's kind of impressed me a little bit. He's hit the sled a couple of times. He's put his hat on some people. He doesn't have to be a cold-blooded killer. He can be a guy that can understand how to play with leverage. He's just a sophomore. I think he can be a 240-pound guy pretty easily, to be honest with you. He's about 225 and has been trying to be skinny. I think he can be 240 or so and really bring a good dimension to that position, as far as receiver goes. If he can just be adequate like a [Michael] Palmer, Palmer was no knock you off the ball guy. He was a get-it-done guy. I think Brandon can be one of those guys. He's still got a lot to learn.

HOW SOON HE CAN PLAY?: The things that he knows, that he's comfortable with, I think we'll be able to work him in as we move forward the next few weeks. I think you'll see him on the field a little bit.

ON PLAYING TIME FOR PHILLIP PRICE, BRANDON THOMAS: You just never know with how the game's going to go—snap-wise and all that kind of stuff. I anticipate Phillip playing. I don't have a real snap count in my head. He's going to be our swing guy, our third tackle. Same thing with B.T. He's had good practice. He's got to play. He's got to go in there and give us a blow. I don't have 30 plays, 10 plays—I don't know at this point. He might end up playing a whole lot, he might end up playing 10, 15 snaps—same thing with Price. Top Stories