AUDIO: Tigers fall to No. 16 'Canes

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney, the coordinators, Andre Ellington, DeAndre McDaniel, Kyle Parker and Jarvis Jenkins.

"We had a lot of turnovers and inconsistency throughout the game. You just can't win without good ball security, especially with six turnovers. It was a disappointing loss. We dug ourselves into a hole in the first quarter with our defensive mistakes. This was a tough game, because in the past we've been taking care of the football very well and then today we didn't do that.

"Our first half was really shaky, but we came back in the second half stronger. It says a lot that we only lost 30-21 to a very good football team in Miami with six turnovers. I want to congratulate Coach Shannon on an excellent win.

"I still believe we can bounce back from this loss and become the team I know we can be."

ON DEFENSE: "Defensively we improved after the first half and played pretty well in the second half. But we had three huge busted plays, which cost us dearly. We need to grow on errors such as those, and that growth starts with me and my errors."

ON OFFENSE: "We couldn't sustain drives and had a lot of turnovers. There is no way to have an effective offense with flaws like these. We also had a lot of big drops by the wide receivers that were costly."

ON ELLINGTON: "He played a tough game and was consistent throughout the game. He got a little banged up during the game, but kept working hard."

ON DEANDRE HOPKINS: "Hopkins went out and earned his spot today. We've been having our own competitions in practice between the wide receivers and he stepped up today on the field and proved himself. The one thing he needs to work on is holding on to the ball, but he's a freshman and will learn from his mistakes in time."

"When you're on the field, you think you're doing your job but then you look after and you've had a blown quarter. We've just got to get back at it and keep going.

"Turnovers are not going to win a game at all. It's very frustrating and we have to do a better job of protecting the ball.

"It's frustrating to come so close against big opponents. These guys and the coaches know that this is a great team. We just have to start showing that."

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