Final official in the books

Damarcus Harrison took his third and final official visit to Clemson over the weekend. Up next is his decision to play in either the ACC or Mountain West.

SG/SF Damarcus Harrison Profile

CUTigers spoke with Christ School senior swingman Damarcus Harrison about his official visit to Clemson.

"It was pretty good. I enjoyed myself there. I liked the football game even though they didn't win the game," he said.

Harrison had already taken official visits to Florida State and BYU.

"It's hard to compare. I had been to Clemson more than once. The other places I had never been to. At Clemson, there were some things that I had seen before," he said. "But I still enjoyed my visit."

At Florida State, Harrison enjoyed watching the Seminoles' workouts.

"How they develop their players, their weight lifting program and all that, I liked that a lot. It was really hot down there. That's one thing about Florida, it's real hot," he said.

The BYU trip was a bit surprising, but Harrison already knew that he liked the Cougars' coaching staff.

"I didn't think there was going to be much to do out at BYU, but I was surprised. They had some stuff to do out there," he said. "I liked that visit as well."

Clemson and BYU were neck and neck heading into the trip. That remains the case after Harrison's weekend in Tigertown.

He's yet to reach a timeframe for a decision.

"I want to sit down with my parents and talk about it. It's going to be up to me, but it'll probably be in the next couple of weeks or so," Harrison said.

Coach Brad Brownell and staff have made a good impression.

"I get along with them very well. They're really cool guys and they're funny," Harrison said.

He keeps in contact with assistants Earl Grant and Rick Ray, but communicates mostly with Ray. Top Stories