Florida commit checks on Clemson

Florida commitment Jeoffrey Pagan remains firm in his commitment to the Gators and doesn't want to start an Internet recruiting frenzy. However, the four-star defensive end from Asheville was in Clemson Saturday.

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He recently caught up with CUTigers about the unofficial visit.

"Saturday was a lot of fun. The environment was nice," Pagan said. "I was able to spend some time with a lot of top recruits from North Carolina and South Carolina. Clemson was on the wrong side of the turn-over margin or the game might have been different."

The trip was a last-minute decision.

"Asheville High School has sent some players down to Clemson to further their education and football careers in the past," Pagan said. "Also, my football team goes on a visit every spring to watch practice and meet coaches. Coaches Dan Brooks and Jeff Scott have always been very good to me, my friends and my family on all of our visits.

"Coach Brooks came and watched our game the night before in Asheville and they have been very adamant about getting me on campus for a game, so me and my coach decided what better game to go see than Clemson versus Miami."

He remains firm with his commitment to Florida, but did list a few other schools that he still has some interest in.

"Florida is my top choice, after that in no particular order it would be Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee, Oregon, Texas and USC," Pagan said.

In addition, Clemson wasn't the first school he visited for a game this season.

"I [went to] a game at the University of Tennessee a couple weeks back…I am trying to get to Gainesville this weekend to watch them play LSU," Pagan said. "I wouldn't mind watching a game at the University of Alabama as well."

Destinations for official visits weren't mentioned. When it comes to football, that's not where his greatest focus is.

"If I do my part in putting pressure on the opposing offense/quarterback and can play in the backfield, than my team has a better chance of winning. That is the only stat that I am truly concerned with right now," Pagan said.

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