Back on track

CLEMSON - DeAndre McDaniel pulled off his best Tim Tebow impression Tuesday afternoon at the West End Zone.

Already decked out in his practice pants, the All-American safety was fired up about his not so stellar performance in Saturday's 30-21 loss to Miami.

"From here on out, I can promise there aren't too many people who are going to see people play as hard as I'm going to play from here on out," McDaniel said, "basically because I had a horrible game, honestly."

Already with a bum right hand from the Auburn game, four teeth in McDaniel's lower jaw were knocked out of socket in early on Saturday. But he stuck it out to the end of the game.

"It's football," McDaniel said.

Injuries aside, he admitted there was something that wasn't right about his performance.

"I don't know exactly what it was. I don't know if I was too pumped up for the game or what. I just wasn't into it like I normally am" McDaniel said. "There was certain stuff that I would normally jump that I didn't jump. I guess I was just kind of thinking a lot."

The third touchdown catch by Leonard Hankerson, a 7-yard pass from Jacory Harris, is just one example of McDaniel not being "as comfortable" as normal. Usually, the pass would have been knocked to the ground with the receiver or intercepted.

"I knew it was coming and didn't jump it," he said.

There were times when McDaniel would try to play a cat and mouse game with Harris.

"It was more of me trying to mess with Jacory a little too much," McDaniel said. "I know he doesn't look off receivers. I read where his coach was saying it was something that he had to work on to complete a little more passes. Sometimes I was trying to show like one safety or Rashard [Hall] would act like he's down and then we'd try to get back to our positions. I wasn't going all the way back to my position, like I normally am. I'd kind of creep to him, and that kind of took me out of the play."

Now he's got "a lot of making up to do" heading into this weekend's game in Chapel Hill against North Carolina.

It goes for every other game on the schedule, too.

"That's something our fans, our coaches, our players don't have to worry about from here on out," McDaniel said. Top Stories