Wednesday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Wednesday's practice and Saturday's game in Chapel Hill versus North Carolina.


PRACTICE?: Good. Had a good day yesterday and today. Good intensity. A lot of focus out there. A lot of good energy. A good two days.

DAVID SMITH: He did some drill work today and went through some of the team stuff. Looked pretty good. Looked pretty good out there. I'm pretty optimistic with David right now. We'll see how he is tomorrow. Watching him go through some of the team stuff and drills, I think, hopefully, at the very least can be available, game ready for us Saturday night. That's my hope. Ideally, we'd like to win the game without him. I'm encouraged that he's going to be available for us if we need him…we'll see how good he feels. Today was Wednesday. He was able to do a good bit today. Hopefully, by Saturday at 3:30, if he feels even better. What we'd like to do is go with Mason [Cloy] and Brandon [Thomas], if we're OK, but have him available, if we need him. That'd be ideal, so then you have him at 100 percent next week. He looks good. I watched him yesterday. He pushed the sled with weight on it. Today, he was able to get back into some team work and individuals. I'm encouraged with where he is right now.


HOW HAVE THE FOUR FIRST-TEAM RECEIVERS LOOKED?: It's been good.It's been really good. [DeAndre Hopkins] kind of tweaked his groin, so Jaron [Brown] got a lot of work at ‘X' during the latter part of practice. Looked good. All four of them made some plays. Gotten into a good rhythm out there. Kyle [Parker] has looked sharp. It was a good practice.

INJURIES OTHER THAN SMITH?: No. We lost Julian Patton. One of our walk-ons. Actually, a transfer here from Lenoir-Rhyne. He tore his ACL. He's going to be out until probably the spring. I think he's got some promise. Spencer Adams has that bruise on his knee. He should be OK.

THE NATURE OF TIG WILLARD'S INJURY: It's almost like a Tommy John, except it's on his left arm. It's something you wouldn't correct. He's got it protected to prevent any swelling or anything like that…he's fine.

COULD HOPKINS' GROIN KEEP HIM OUT SATURDAY?: I don't think so. He kind of tweaked it, so it's precautionary. He missed the latter part of practice. I'm sure he'll get some treatment after practice and in the morning. I think he'll be fine.

RECRUITING IMPLICATIONS: It's big. North Carolina is a state that we've got to do well in. Everybody is right here around us. North Carolina is almost like home for us. It's right near the border. Same thing with Georgia. Alabama's another area we want to get a couple out whenever we can. It's close. We have great relationships in Florida. That's been a real good thing. North Carolina, traditionally, over the years has been very good to Clemson. Some of the best players at the history of this school are from North Carolina. Some of our best players on this team are from North Carolina. We've got to continue to do a good job. Our captains are [Miguel] Chavis, [Chris] Hairston and [Marcus Gilchrist]. It's exciting for them. I'm sure they're looking forward to going back home and play those guys.

HOW'D MASON CLOY PLAY SATURDAY?: Outstanding. He was our lineman of the week. The whole line is playing good football. We've had two losses, but our offensive line has absolutely. It's a shame. The offense played great in the Auburn game. Done a lot of good things, three good offensive games. Saturday, if we don't turn it over, we're able to get a rhythm and we're fine. We had some miscues. Our offensive line has been really the one solid thing on our team. They're growing into our leaders, on the offense especially. Mason, it was extremely encouraging to see him perform the way he did. He got it done. That's really good. He played a lot of snaps. He played the most snaps he's played all year and performed very well. I'm sure that's a big confidence booster for him, too. Miami's a good front. As good as we're going to play. He did a great job. Brandon Thomas did some good things, but he needs snaps as he continues to get better. Top Stories