Quick Hits with Chris Capote

CUTigers.com takes a look at offensive lineman Chris Capote, a 2003 signee out of the Miami area. Capote will arrive at Clemson next fall and fight for a spot in the two-deep at tackle.

Chris Capote
Offensive Tackle
Killian High School (Miami, FL)
NR: 110 Rating: ***

THE STATS: Chris put together an outstanding final year of high school football, averaging close to 12 pancakes per game and not allowing a single sack all season long. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.9 seconds, benches 320 pounds and squats 480 pounds.

STRENGTH: Capote has some of the quickest feet in the business. "I've been told I have excellent footwork for 290 pounds," said Capote. "I think they are going to give me a look at tackle, which is my preferred position because of my speed, but we'll see what happens when I get there."

WEAKNESS: Capote will need to continue to work hard in the weight room if he's going to become a difference maker at Clemson. "I work hard training both on and off the field, and I've been told I have excellent footwork for 290 pounds, but I'd like to work on my strength some more," added Capote.

WHY CLEMSON? "Coach Bowden said a few things to me early on that I guess just clicked. He seemed very sincere and down to earth despite the position he holds. Family values are important to me and my parents so he said a lot of things that really hit close to home. Off the field, offensive line coach Ron West is a great guy; he cares a lot about his players. On the field, I get the impression he means business, and I really like that. I also want to be in football program that has had success at graduating their players and putting players in the NFL and Clemson just fit the bill- it just felt right."

OFFICIAL VISIT TIDBIT: "Chip Myrick was a pretty down to earth guy when I was up in Clemson. Overall, I was really impressed with how the offensive lineman stuck together and I got along so well with all of them. Nobody really stood out to me but honestly, but I felt like I had known them all a long time," said Capote.

PROBABLE MAJOR: "I'd like to major in Pre-Med because it seems like my whole family is involved in medicine somehow," said Capote.

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