CUTigersTV: Chris Hairston

CLEMSON - Senior left tackle Chris Hairston says the fourth quarter drive against Tech was one of the best he's been a part of during his four years on the field at Clemson.

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CUTigersTV: Chris Hairston

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What are your overall thoughts on Boston College's defense?
Hairston: They have great players. All three of their linebackers are great players who can get off blocks and they really get their back going. They are really talented on defense. It seems like every year they come with a really great run defense.

Do they blitz a lot?
Hairston: They do different things. They aren't afraid to play you base up and play football. They blitz sometimes if the coach fills it's necessary. A lot of their run blitzes get teams. They get guys behind the chains. It's going to be a good long week of preparation and extra film study in order to be able to get our thumb on this team and come in with a great plan so we can have success running the ball.

Any chance you guys are looking ahead to N.C. State? Or to N.C. State's game against FSU Thursday night because that game impacts this team?
Hairston: To me it really is one game at a time. I honestly couldn't tell who we are playing next week. Well, we have to focus on B.C. B.C. is the most important game on the season because it's the game we have Saturday. If we get ready for Florida State or N.C. State, we'll get beat by Boston College.

What was it like Saturday against Tech in that drive where you ate up more than seven and a half minutes and really stuck it down the Yellow Jackets' throat?
Hairston: We went in knowing that's what we had to do to really win the game. We needed a good drive that ended up with points. And, although everybody knew we were going to run the game, Nape (Billy Napier) put us in a good position to run the ball every time. We were able to keep their defense a little off-balance as far as where we were going with the ball and how we were going to present that run to them. We did a good job of covering guys up and gave Andre and Jamie a chance to be successful.

Was that one of the more fun possessions you have had in your career here?
Hairston: Oh yeah. Any time you can run the ball 15 times that's a great drive for me. Being able to impose your will on a team is always good no matter what point of the game it is. One of the best drives I've been a part of as a Clemson Tiger. Top Stories