AUDIO: Tigers fall at B.C.

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - Dabo Swinney discusses Saturday's 16-10 loss at Boston College.

Dabo Swinney: (10:51)

Opening statement...
Swinney: Want to congratulate Boston College. All the credit goes to them. Coach Spaz and his staff. They came out and fought hard and fought hard all year. We certainly did not deserve to win. First half defensively, we gave up 200 something yards. Really poor on first down. The turnover on special teams and then they hit the wheel route. That was a critical play. Our defense played lights out in the second half. Really good job of getting the ball back to the offense but the offense absolutely could not do anything today.

We had been a pretty good red zone team coming into this thing. Today we were 0-for-3. Two missed field goals and then we have another opportunity for a field goal and we throw an interception. All of those things are very disappointing. Their kicker made the kicks and we didn't. Very disappointing loss for our team, obviously. We had a great opportunity and hopefully we will learn from this and grow from this and get ready for a very good N.C. State team.

Your mantra has been one-game season ... what now?
Swinney: We lost the season today because we got beat and we will start over tomorrow to get ready for N.C. State. It's that simple.

Would you have used Catanzaro again on a field goal? Or Richard Jackson?
Swinney: Richard Jackson. We were getting ready to kick it before the interception there. We just didn't manage the game very well at all. Just stay on schedule and make the plays are there and then win it the fourth quarter. We knew it was going to be a tight game because these guys are good at what they do. We missed some plays. We missed a touchdown throw earlier in the game and a big drop that killed a drive. Missed plays. Missed opportunities. Third and 26 in the first half and we get a penalty (that gave B.C. a first down). It was third and forever. They get a first down then get a field goal. Tight game- we didn't make the critical plays and they did.

What about injury updates with Andre Ellington, Jaron Brown and Kourtnei Brown?
Swinney: (Ellington) Has a little turf toe. We'll see how it reacts. Jaron Brown, rolled his ankle. Doesn't look as bad. Probably the worst one was Kourtnei Brown. I'd say his looks like a high ankle sprain. He's the one I'm most concerned about right now. Jaron had to come out. So did Ellington.

Passing game 4.5 yards per attempt - what is that a product of?
Swinney: Them playing good defense and us missing some opportunities that were there. That hurt us. We didn't get the rhythm we wanted. We had a couple of plays where they caught us in a bad call. They blitzed us a couple of times and got us behind the chains. We didn't sustain a lot. I think we only had 16 or 17 plays in the first half. They kept the ball way in B.C.'s favor. We held them to field goals. Then we kickoff and we fumble and they score after kicking the field goal. That was like a double whammy for them.

Did you see any lack of focus coming in today?
Swinney: No. Kids practiced hard and had good energy about them. When you are dealing with young people sometimes it makes you want to pull your hair out. That's the only thing I can say. I'm proud how our defense responded in the second half. This team has not going on the road and gotten it done. That's the most disappointing thing about this season. We haven't been able to go on the road and take care of business. We've certainly had our opportunities but have not stood up and gotten it done.

Two years in a row you haven't scored an offensive touchdown against these guys ... why is that?
Swinney: I have to go back and look at all that combined. It's them doing a good job on defense and us missing some opportunities. You have to take your opportunities against these guys. You have to execute. Simple as that. Give them some credit. No. 3 total defense in the conference and they had lost some tough games. Their trouble had been on offense. They lost some games with some teams taking advantage of some things. Today, they were more efficient. Ran the ball, took care of it and punted it away.

Does any part of you want to give Tajh Boyd more reps now?
Swinney: We've got a starter. We continue to rep Tajh every single week. Certainly Kyle made some really poor decisions out there today that you'd like to have back. But he hasn't been doing that. We'll continue to evaluate everything and everybody.

How surprised were you with Kyle's decisions on the those interceptions?
Swinney: Real surprising. Disappointing. He's out there trying to make plays. He's frustrated. He's trying to make something happen. He made mistakes. People make mistakes. It was in the heat of the moment. It didn't go his way today. Didn't go any of our way.

Kyle Parker: (2:13)
"I was trying to make a play. We were going into the wind. I wanted to give my guy a chance to catch one. Was just trying to give my guys an opportunity. I thought we did a good job today until we got down into that 20 yard line area. They were playing max coverage and it was kind of hard to squeeze one in there when they do that. They did a good job of mixing it up when we got to do third down there."

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