Building the pipeline

Clemson has a constructed a nice pipeline to Dorman High School. Two former Cavaliers are on the Tigers' roster and two more are scheduled to join in 2011. It's working well for the 2012 efforts, too.

OG Patrick Destefano Profile

Dorman (Roebuck) offensive lineman Patrick Destefano was in Clemson two weeks ago for the Georgia Tech game.

On the field and on the sideline were redshirt freshman offensive lineman Brandon Thomas and walk-on linebacker Ryan Pruitt. Both are former Dorman standouts that are already at Clemson.

Charone Peake and Adam Humphries, both of whom are committed to the Tigers' 2011 class, were also in the stands watching the game.

"It really helps to what I call the comfort ability of the school," Destefano told CUTigers. "The biggest thing I'm looking at when I look at a college is how comfortable I am. Does that school feel like home?

"I'm not going to go to a school for four years if it's not a good fit. That would be awful. I wouldn't do that to myself. Having all those guys there, I would know people in the program. I have friends in the program. That's a great advantage. That's something Clemson can say."

He went a little more in depth about the other factors that are currently working in Clemson's favor.

"I think that was my third visit to Clemson as a recruit," Destefano said. "I don't know how many times I've gone to Clemson. My sister used to go there, so I went all the time. My family is close. I always try to keep my family close. They're going to be part of my decision."

Before the game, he had one-on-one time with head coach Dabo Swinney and recruiting coordinator/wide receiver coach Jeff Scott, who is his main recruiter at Clemson.

"When I was talking before the game to coach Dabo and coach Scott, I just wanted to put some pads on and get in there. I was just saying I'd get my butt whooped, but it'd be fun," Destefano said.

Now, he's done beating around the bush. Destefano has a list of favorites currently in mind.

"I know I've been trying to put this question off, but I have been able to finally try to assemble some type of a top-three schools," he said. "Clemson is in my mind. There is no doubt they are the number one. Behind them is Stanford at number two and Penn State is number three."

Destefano plans to visit Clemson again for the South Carolina game, but has yet to nail down anything else for the end of this season. Top Stories