Wednesday Dabo Swinney comments

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Wednesday's practice and looks ahead to Saturday's game against North Carolina State.


HOW WAS RICHARD JACKSON TODAY?: Really good. He made a 47-yarder to win the game in the two-minute drill today. It was good from 57. He nailed it. It was a good way to finish practice for Richard. Just a good day. These guys are—I just love these guys. They're fun to be around. They practice the right way. Because of the way they've practiced, they've had a chance to win every game—they've been in position. We've got to grow up a little bit more so we can learn to finish on the scoreboard, like we want to. We've had an excellent week. A good Monday, good Tuesday, a really good day today. I've had a good time running around out there coaching the wide outs. That's been fun, but our thoughts and prayers are with the Scotts—Brad and Jeff. They had their funeral today at 3 o'clock. They should be back sometime tomorrow. It was a good day. Still a little beat up.

[Andre] Ellington is obviously out. Kourtnei Brown's out. [Miguel] Chavis is most likely not going to be able to play. He still doesn't look like he can explode off of his foot, like he needs to. He's getting better, but it doesn't look like he's going to be able to play. Jaron [Brown] hasn't quite responded. He's better. He's a lot better. He ran around and tried to do some things today. When you play a skill position, you can't fire off and cut, plant, like you need to. It's kind of hard. Right now, he's questionable. We'll see how he is tomorrow and Friday. He hasn't really been able to practice Monday and Tuesday, like he needs to. Really, a good, crisp practice for the guys, and a good finish for Richard.

IN JARON'S PLACE?: Marquan [Jones].

MAXWELL'S INJURY: Byron's better. Again, we're all familiar with that turf toe thing, because of what we were dealing with last year. He kind of gets better as the week goes. He'll play. He was able to get in there last Saturday and give us some good, quality snaps. Hopefully, he'll be the same this week. I'll expect him to play.

ELLINGTON TO SEE A SPECIALIST: He'll see a guy—I think his name is Dr. Anderson. He's supposedly a top guy out there for feet. He's out of Charlotte, but he's going to be in Greenville tomorrow, so Danny Poole is going to take him up there. He'll probably miss the first part of practice. Hopefully, we'll know more tomorrow or Friday, as far as what he feels like the best path is to go down.

WORSE THAN A LIGAMENT STRAIN?: I just really don't know. I wouldn't even venture out there. I just know he's out a couple of weeks. Hopefully, that's it. Obviously, we want to get him back as soon as possible. That's the most important thing. We'll wait and see what the doctor says.

MORE TIME FOR FRESHMAN CORNERS THIS WEEKEND?: [N.C. State] is much more 10 and 11 personnel—four wide, three wide—not that they don't play 21, too. We'll have to do a good job with the nickel and dime package. That's what those guys run. Top Stories