AUDIO: Clemson 14 N.C. State 13

CLEMSON - Listen to interviews with Dabo Swinney, the coordinators, Jamie Harper, Dawson Zimmerman, Kyle Parker and DeAndre McDaniel after Saturday's 14-13 win over N.C. State.

"This was a great win for the team. All the credit goes to the players for their hard work and effort. They didn't quit and kept playing throughout the game. We had a lot of perseverance today.

"As a team we have played a lot better in the past and had disappointing losses, but not because of our players' effort and heart. Today was a rough game, we had a lot of missed opportunities and turnovers, but we pulled through a great win.

"Our team is on one accord, one heartbeat, and doesn't point fingers or lay blame on one another. We have the right ingredients here that are paving this foundation. This will help the boys win a lot more games down the road."

ON THE DEFENSE: "They got off to a bad start, but they never quit or backed down. I gave them the game balls for their play. For them to hold NC State to 275 yards speaks volumes for our defense. They had a great performance today and it was only fitting that they got to finish the game ending NC State's last chance to score."

ON DAWSON ZIMMERMAN: "What a great save he had with that one-handed catch of the snap. That was the play of the game. I gave him a game ball also for that catch."

ON THE FINAL SCORING DRIVE: "Kyle came back in that series strong. He pulled himself together and showed a lot of heart. He made big plays to (Jamie) Harper and (DeAndre) Hopkins. I'm real proud of him for persevering during the game."






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