Parker, WRs building confidence

CLEMSON - Kyle Parker looks ahead to Saturday's game at Florida State.

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Do you feel like these young receivers are really starting to understand what is going on and getting more comfortable with the offense?
Parker: I think we are getting on the same page every day. Especially the last game they did a good job of really playing fast. Playing confident and playing within themselves. I thought you could tell a difference with us throwing and catching the ball.

FSU has given up a lot of yards through the air.
Parker: Yeah without a doubt. The biggest thing is going through my progressions and recognizing who is open. We watched some of the UNC game the other day. They are really good athletes on that defense but we have to take advantage of their mistakes- that's how we will have to take advantage against them.

Do you think your young wide outs get a little nervous on the road? We've seen a lot of drops there this year it seems like.
Parker: It's really tough to say. I don't think that's it. Just getting them in the game situation is big. They are playing faster and more confident.

Do you let it slip into your mind at all that you are back in the Atlantic Division race- especially if you win in Tallahassee Saturday?
Parker: Yeah. The biggest thing is we have to still go out there and win this game and let everything else take care of itself. We have to play well. We have to focus and we have to play one of the best games we've played all year to beat these guys. They are difficult to beat. We have to play as hard as we can and execute well. Top Stories