Wednesday Dabo Swinney comments

CLEMSON - After Wednesday's practice, head coach Dabo Swinney said Tajh Boyd will play early in Saturday's game at Wake Forest.


OPENING STATEMENT: It doesn't look like Bryce [McNeal] is going to be able to play. He, somehow or another, came down on his heel the wrong way last night. I think it's plantar fasciitis, maybe a little bit of a heel spur. It's going to be hard for him to do what he's going to be able to do on Saturday.

Brandon [Maye] is still going through the protocol that you have to go through for a concussion. He was able to run, but not practice. Tomorrow will be the first time that he's able to practice. That's not good. Kourtnei [Brown], I think, we will get back.

Miguel [Chavis] is probably not going to be able to play. Same deal. It's just sore—flared up. He got through it the other night. We'll see if he can finish out the season here against Carolina. We've got a little bit of a MASH-unit right now. Practice was good. These guys, I wish people could see what I see. These guys have something special to them. They just keep on working.

Today was a good, crisp practice, on both sides—good energy. We're working hard on the game plan. It's a good week. Kicking is going good. [Chandler] Catanzaro has had a good week. Richard [Jackson] has had a good week. If we play like we practice, we'll be alright.

WIDE RECEIVER SHUFFLE: Marquan [Jones] will be at ‘A' in the slot. Jaron [Brown], getting him back last week was a big shot in the arm. He'll be at ‘Z' and [DeAndre Hopkins] will be at ‘X'.

FRUSTRATION WITH INJURIES?: That's part of the game. That's ball. You just have to keep movin. That's what we've been doing. I'm really proud of our receivers. As I said earlier in the year, they're a bunch of no names. This spring, they're going to be saying, ‘I'm glad we have Nuke Hopkins back. I'm glad we have Jaron back. I'm glad Bryce is. Those guys have emerged and made some big plays.

Unfortunately, because the way that game ended last week, nobody talks about that drive. What a good drive that was, and some big plays that were made by Jaron and Nuke. We made the pressure kick. That boy had the weight of the world out there on him to make that kick. It's a shame that it got lost in the aftermath. We've really grown up a lot. We're not as good as we're going to be next year or the next year at that position, because they're going to keep getting better. I'm really excited about our young talent at receiver. I really thought Jaron was going to grow into a heck of a player, and he has. The same thing with Nuke and Bryce. Marquan has been a real steady guy for us this year. I think moving Brandon Ford to tight end is going to really benefit him and us. He's just as sophomore. You've got a lot of linemen back. Our offensive line has played great—really been the bright spot for our offense, for sure, and our team. To have all them back—except for [Chris] Hairston—and to have some experience with a couple of other guys, it's going to be a good thing.

THE FUTURE AT RECEIVER: That's what keeps me going every day, right now. It's pretty obvious we're missing a couple of explosive pieces that we've had…we've got help here and we've got help on the way. That's exciting to me. We've got a good young quarterback. We're going to have some other joining him. I can't wait to get all the pieces of the puzzle. The 11 that we signed that first year and the group we signed last year, and this full class we signed this year, that's going to form the foundation of what we're trying to do. That's something positive. I'm real excited about that…Catanzaro is a freshman. He's too good, too consistent. It's going to flick on, and when it does, we're going to look back on this and we'll all say, ‘Boy, you remember that year? You remember how bad that sucker was?' I really think he's got the right stuff.

There's an old saying, for every freshman you start, you lose two games. I hadn't really bought into that, but I'm starting to become a believer. We've got a good group of guys. We've got a good group of coaches. Nobody's panicking.

FIRST SHOT AT PLACE KICKING: Based on where we are, [Catanzaro] would. We've got another day tomorrow. He's been solid, really solid. He's missed one all week.

TALK WITH DA'QUAN BOWERS ABOUT FUTURE?: We'll sit down after the Carolina game and talk about it—big picture, all that kind of stuff. Right now, we've got to beat Wake Forest. If I've got to put him out there to kick it, we've got to beat Wake Forest. It's as simple as that.

PLAN FOR TAJH BOYD ON SATURDAY?: We're going to try to go into and have him scripted in there—early. We'll hopefully get him a series or two, somewhere in the game. Top Stories