Hughes visits Clemson

Five-star linebacker Travis Hughes got five-star treatment from Clemson this weekend. "It was different than the rest," says his father Tony Hughes. got the scoop from his father.

The Clemson trip was very nice," says Travis Hughes' father Tony Hughes. "We owed them a visit to come up there. The atmosphere, facilities were awesome. They are football crazy down there."

"Boy, I mean people knew who he was. They laid out the red carpet. We went to a lot of great eating establishments -this 1956 place that's got a lot of tradition, and that was very exciting. It was down to earth, very personal, and different than the rest."

Travis Hughes, a 6-foot-1, 220-pound middle linebacker from Kempsville High (Virginia Beach, Va) has been looking at Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Clemson, and Maryland. However, after rivalry weekend, the Tigers have moved up on the list and U.Va seems to have moved off.

"I tell you three schools right now are neck and neck, UNC, Maryland, Clemson. And Tech" says his father.

"U.Va - we loved the coach but I think they've got some ways to go over the next four to five years. U.Va got stomped on by Maryland and Tech. The schools we are talking about crushed U.Va. They've got to rebuild at U.Va, and it' s not going to be in two or three years. But Coach London is doing very well for them."

On Clemson's coaching staff:

"He loves the defensive coach. He is one of the best D-line coaches we have seen."

On Coach Swinney rumors:

"I asked him straight up about that, and he said that is false. He said anytime you go through a situation with adversity, people are saying that. He's not going anywhere. They love him there. He is good for that school."

Travis, a family guy, always said he wanted to be within a four-hour radius from home.

"The eight-hour drive is rough but that is why you take visits to take everything into consideration."

What it comes down to between his top four schools:

"It is all about who needs you, not who wants you. They got to need you first. That is a big thing. If they want you then you will probably play but they got you behind someone else, but if they need you … that's different."

"Clemson needs him. North Carolina needs him and Maryland. Tech wants him."

On Maryland:

"We are impressed with Maryland – they are doing such a great job now."

"Anyone of these schools he picks will be a great choice is how I look at it. It depends on what schools will take him to the next level. Who is going to put him in the spotlight."

More to come from Travis on his visit with the Tigers. Top Stories