Monday Dabo Swinney comments

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney spoke before Monday's practice about preparation for South Florida, the quarterbacks and more.


Below is an edited transcript of Swinney's interview with members of the media at the indoor track facility on Monday afternoon.

OPENING STATEMENT: Excited to get back to work today. Actually got back together yesterday with the players—had good meetings, staff-wise, also with the team last night. Today, we'll get them back going, as far as installation. It will be more of a mental day—first day back. Tomorrow, we'll get into full gear and get after it. I look forward to seeing the guys move around tonight. We'll have good specialty work, mostly offense, defense. We'll do a little skele. Guys are excited to get back at and finish this season a positive note.

ACADEMIC CASUALTIES?: Not that I know of. Nobody at this point…you don't get all the final grades here until Wednesday. I don't anticipate losing anybody.

ELLINGTON: Andre had his surgery today. It's out-patient-type surgery. He'll be coming back this evening. [Terrance] Ashe had his surgery last week. He's on the mind…the doctor says it's a four month recovery, and he should be as good as ever. It's a process that you've got to go through in January, February, March. It'll be close. My hope is that he can do some things, moving around-wise towards the end of spring ball. I don't anticipate him practicing and scrimmaging. I think we all feel pretty good about what he can do. It's just a matter of getting him back to where he can go be who he is. I'm not real concerned about anything, other than that. We'll have the opportunity to look at some other guys this spring. I'm excited about that.

INSTALLATION?: The staff started looking at some things when they were not on the road last week. Kevin [Steele] and Billy [Napier] had a chance to watch all of the games. I'd say we're off to a great start, much further than we would normally be, because we had more time last week to look at some things. But in terms of installation, we're just getting going, because we haven't had the players. The good thing is, a normal game week you'd do all of your installation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, polish on Thursday and then go play. On this occasion, you're going to practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, going to meet on Sunday, practice Monday and Tuesday. You can spread out your installation over that course of time. You can cover everything. You can spread out your installation over that course of time. You've got to cover everything. Our objective is to have everything done, all the scripts done, so when we arrive at the bowl site, we're not up there game planning, you're getting better at what you're doing and you gain more knowledge through film study. You might tweak something, but you don't have any game planning left to do. We don't have to do it in three days. That's why I set the practice schedule the way it's set. We'll do a good bit of good on good, because I think that's something we've got to get back to. That's how you sharpen up better than anything, you put your best on their best and go to work. More of that as we move throughout the week, from an installation standpoint.

SOUTH FLORIDA: Got a pretty good feel for them, for right now. Obviously there are some things we've got to do the rest of the week. They're a good football team. Very similar to us in a lot of regards, if you just study them on paper. Defensively, that's their strength. That's our strength. Both offenses have had their moments and their struggles. When you initially look at them, that's what you see. The main thing, personnel-wise, they're athletic. They can run. They've got good skill people, like you would assume they would have down at South Florida. I'm impressed with their defensive front. They've got a couple of d-tackles that could certainly play here. They're good players. Their ends are good players. I'm very impressed with their linebackers. One of them, I recruited personally--Sam Barrington. He's a good football player. They've got a couple DB's that are going to be drafted one day, too. They've got good people over there. It's a good matchup.

WHY INSIDE?: The main thing Kevin and Billy wanted to have today was good focus. Today is a real mental day, trying to get everybody back on the same page, because they've been off. All they've been doing is lifting and running. We wanted to have the best environment today for that mental focus. What is it? I think my truck said 23 degrees driving over here. The wind is howling pretty good. You don't want them out there standing there worrying about being cold. You want everybody dialed in. This is a tempo day where there's a lot of teaching going on. That's what they wanted to do. I didn't have a problem with that. Tomorrow we'll have them in full gear. You're flying around hitting people. It's a different deal.

FIRST-TEAM QB REPS: That's something that we'll continue to work on, as far as we go through the practice each day. We'll give Tajh [Boyd] some first-team reps. That's going to be important. We want to take advantage of some extra practice time. It's not a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday get ready to play type of deal. We've got more opportunities. As far as saying you're going to get 80 percent of 20 percent, we're not doing that. It'll be more of a feel for each practice as we go through. Top Stories