Tuesday Shrine Bowl observations

SPARTANBURG - The best players from North and South Carolina were back in action Tuesday morning for the second day of Shrine Bowl practices at Spartanburg High School.

Another day in Sparkle City, another day of cold, blustery weather.

CUTigers was on-hand for day two's morning session to watch the five Clemson commits and several of the prospects remaining on the 2011 board.

Charone Peake spent time Tuesday returning punts for the South Carolina team.
In the early part of the North Carolina practice, Eric MacLain was working exclusively with the offensive line as the offensive players went over alignments and assignments. North Carolina commit Eric Ebron was working with the quarterbacks and wide receivers.

MacLain did a nice job of clearing out the left-side of the Tarheels' defense on the first play during inside drills. A few plays later, during the same drill, outside linebacker Ben Councell, a Notre Dame commit, did a nice job of shedding MacLain's block before getting into the backfield.

MacLain and Jack Britt teammate Devonte Brown, a North Carolina commit, came across each other a couple of times during the drill.

After a couple of verbal challenges from a North Carolina coach, Brown made two nice plays on consecutive downs. The first, he burst through the line to disrupt things in the backfield. A play later, he was making the tackle in the flats.

In pass skeleton, MacLain went up for an impressive catch, which he had to dive for. Nearby Clemson fans nodded in approval of the catch.

Shaq Anthony made a nice block on the final play of a South Carolina inside drill. In the same drill, but later in practice, Anthony does an impressive job of driving Phillip Dukes out of the way of the ball carrier, which was heading their way. Nice job of finishing the block by Anthony.

Both teams have two very quick rushers coming off the edge. The Sandlappers—Lateek Townsend. The Tar Heels—Kris Frost.

Townsend was noticeably quieter on Tuesday. But his play was still pretty loud. Even after making the strip at the mesh point of a read play, Townsend jogged back to his side of the ball with hardly a peep out of him.

By the way, the linebacker edge goes to North Carolina. Councell, Frost and Stephone Anthony.

Ralph Cooper, an Illinois commit, blew up two receivers that crossed his face in defensive 7-on-7 drills. The first recipient was Charone Peake. Bo Patterson didn't get the message. Same route, same result.

Adam Humphries made a nice break on a ball for an interception during skeleton work.

Peake spent time returning punts.

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