Napier discusses Furman, bowl game

CLEMSON - Earlier this week, offensive coordinator Billy Napier met with media for the first time since he was interviewed for the Furman job.

What's your reaction to Furman's announcement?
Napier: I think it's a great hire. Bruce Fowler is a heck of a football coach. He's an even better man. I think they couldn't ask for a guy that's more ready for the challenge. I felt like, when the job came open, when I was a player, he was a candidate for the job. Obviously, he's got the job. Bruce, coach Fowler I should call him, I don't know him as Bruce, three of my five years at Furman he was the defensive coordinator there. Extremely well-coached and executed well each week. He's an attention to detail guy. He's got an intense desire to be great. He's passionate about the game. He's passionate about people, helping young people. He made several of my teammates better men, as time went…it's obvious to me that there's a commitment to make Furman football competitive. There are some technical things they're going to do for Furman football to galvanize and come together. As a former player, it makes me proud that those things are going to be put in place and the right people are going to be put in place. I'm excited to watch it as it goes. Nobody will be pulling harder for those guys than I am.

Was it just one meeting?
Napier: One meeting.

Did you have more than one conversation with them?
Napier: Yes.

Was there an opportunity to rejoin the program?
Napier: No.

Do you do anything different, in terms of your preparation [for the bowl game]?
Napier: I think one of the things I'll do differently is I'm going to meet more with the offensive group, daily, then I can look myself in the mirror and say that I did all that I can do in our preparation. I'm going to try to really nail the screws down on these guys and go to work, try to improve the sense of urgency, more than anything, just get back to what I know is going to lead to being successful and playing winning football. The message is to control the things that we can control, that being our effort, fundamentals and technique, our discipline, our work-ethic, in terms of our preparation—being a student of the game, how the guys are eating, how their sleeping. Andverall, just a toughness that it takes mentally and physically to win. I think that's what we need to focus on, the technical things that are under our control, and let's get the most out our players at each unit. That's where I'm going to spend my time. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

How do you approach using Tajh [Boyd] in the bowl practices?
Napier: It's going to be a huge period of time for his development. I think he's going to get more work. Obviously, he played well at times when he was in there for the South Carolina game. He's come a long way, in terms of his development. We're going to try to get him as much work as he can. Obviously, Kyle [Parker] is back and ready to go. I'm excited about him being back. Both of those guys are going to get work. Hopefully they'll be a product of their work, they'll get in the game and be effective.

Will Boyd and Parker have a set number of snaps during practice?
Napier: I really have thought about it a little bit. I think there's going to be a specific plan. They're going to work some each day. We'll continue to do that.

Do you feel ready to take over a program, if the opportunity is there? Were you more in favor of learning more?
Napier: My whole focus has always been, whatever job you've been given, become consumed with that, get really good at that, be productive at the job you have. The rest will take care of itself. Much like you'd teach a player, you're thinking big picture the whole time. Conceptually, you're seeing the whole picture. Hopefully, I would take the same approach as an assistant coach. Looking at things from the outside in and envision what I would do in those types of scenarios. My whole focus has got to be on doing my job the best that I can do. That's what's got me here. That's what I'm going to continue to do.

Did Furman call the day after the South Carolina game?
Napier: Yes. Top Stories