Monday Dabo Swinney comments

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about bowl practice, freshmen stand outs and a potential team meeting after midnight tonight.


OPENING COMMENTS: We'll have one more good day and we'll go home. Everybody can enjoy a little time with their families—celebrate Christmas. We'll reconvene on the 26th and get back after it. I think they're ready to play. I think we've had a good schedule, as far as how we've installed. We've kept them fresh—haven't been boring or monotonous, which has been good. We kind of changed the schedule up. They'll be ready to go in the morning. They'll be good. We've got a Christmas dinner tonight. They've all got a pal that they're supposed to bring a gift for. They can make something or buy something. They get a little creative. Last year was really fun. Some of the wrapping that they do is pretty impressive. We're thinking about calling a team meeting tonight at 1:30 in the morning, on the practice field here. I don't know if y'all know this or not, but there is a lunar eclipse tonight at 1:30. We haven't had one in 500 years. I got educated on this today. If anybody's interested in joining us at 1:30 tonight, we might sell tickets and have hot chocolate, watch the earth take over the moon.

JAYVEE PRACTICES?: There have been several guys. We feel really good about them, especially coming from [strength] coach [Joey] Batson, listening to the reports from our power hour, just our own observations from the scout team. We feel really good about the guys that redshirted. We redshirted all of them, except for four. Those four that played are going to benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience they got this year. It's been fun watching those guys. It's exciting. We think we hit on all of our offensive linemen. We feel good about those defensive linemen, those young DB's. The tight end. Our young backs. Joe Craig. They really all have been impressive in how they've worked. None of them really know what they're doing. It's been a good start for them, from a bowl practice standpoint—confidence-wise, kind of gauging themselves. They're starting to get exposed. It's just like old freshmen camp, when there's nobody out there but the coaches. It's been really good. I think they've all come a long way from when we started in fall camp. All of them have taken good advantage of the redshirt season. It will be beneficial for them, more than they even know.

KYLE PARKER: He's been sharp, very into it. He's worked extremely hard, come ready every day. He's been very studious in the meeting room. He's been good, really good. When you're a competitor and things don't good last time out, you want to get out there and play again. That's just what's in your DNA, when you're a competitor. He's just a tremendous competitor. Obviously, his last game wasn't quite like he wanted it. He's always responded. I'd be surprised if he doesn't respond.

DA'QUAN BOWERS: It's being a leader, and that's what he's been all year. I'm not surprised. He's been a tremendous leader, on and off the field. He's been a tremendous inspiration for the team. He's made that very clear. I'm going to make my decision here. Right now, we've got to finish this season. That's how he's going about his business. He's just practicing and having fun. He's just the same old Da'Quan. There's nothing different about it. He'll have his time to sit down with his family when the bowl's over. He'll do what he needs to do. Whatever decision he make, we'll support him 100 percent. We just can't ask him for more than he's given us.

RED SHIRTS ON SCOUT TEAM: There's a few. Joe Craig jumps out. He's been a guy all year long. We probably could have played him, but it wasn't the best thing for him, long term, or for us, long term. I'm glad we didn't. He's going to be a fun player to watch…Bashaud Breeland is another one that, I think, he's got it. Just watching him on scout team, watching him move around. There's a few other guys. Top Stories