Next in line

CLEMSON - Tajh Boyd looks forward to further building his name among the fraternity of quarterbacks from the Virginia Coastal Plain.

The Vicks (Michael and Marcus), Ronald Curry, Tyrod Taylor, E.J. Manuel, even Allen Iverson.

Quality passers and game-breaking ball carriers, particularly when running the option.

"My district in high school mostly consisted of [option football]—the Newport News, Hampton area," Boyd said.

He's a pass first guy, though.

But there was a little option mixed in during his days at Phoebus High School.

And Boyd believes he can bring that element to Clemson.

"Hopefully, we can run a little bit of the option, just to loosen the defense up…I still feel like I bring that to the table," he said.

The weeks are turning into days as Boyd continues to wait his turn as Clemson's next quarterback.

Now, he's less than two weeks away from taking over.

"I'm really excited about it. With every opportunity I do get, I just really want to exploit that, and take advantage of it," Boyd said.

Slowly, but surely, he's starting to see a share of first-team reps during preparations for the Meineke Car Care Bowl game against South Florida.

Kyle Parker, who's started the last 26 games at quarterback for Clemson, has shared some of those bowl practice reps with Boyd.

"It started off slow, as far with the first day of practice," Boyd said. "It's been picking up every day, to the point where we're splitting reps between series against the first team ‘d'. I think that's good.

Though the details still have to be ironed out, he expects to play in the New Year's Eve Bowl game against the Bulls.

"I'm definitely going to play, just to get ready for next season," Boyd said. "I'm not sure when. Hopefully it will be early in the game, so I can help the team out."

As his redshirt freshman season comes to a close, he's starting to get a better feel for those folks around him on the first-team.

Boyd believs the first seven bowl practices have also allowed those guys to get acquainted with him.

"Just being able to get comfortable with the first team line, them just respecting what you, and knowing you're not just a young guy anymore. You actually help the team out," he said. "Just being a freshman, that's something that you really have to gain from the players. I think this bowl practice has been really helpful for that."

Boyd said the bowl game could also present an opportunity to give Clemson fans a glimpse of things to come.

"I think the offense has a chance to explode," he said. "We've got a lot of guys coming back, a lot of guys coming in. It's going to be fun. I'm looking forward to it." Top Stories