Monday bowl practice observations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Clemson hit the practice field for the first bowl practice since last Tuesday with plenty of snow still piled around the campus of Charlotte Country Day School.

The practice field at Charlotte Country Day had not been cleared of the two to three inches of snow that once Clemson arrived for Monday's practice, and just one field was cleared for the team to practice on.

Plenty of slush remained on the field once the plow had done its work. Needless to say, conditions are far from ideal right now at CCDS.

Because of the poor conditions, there's talk of the team trying to moving practice to the Carolina Panthers' practice facility. The facility is considerably closer to the Tigers' hotel, which is uptown.

On to the observations from the flex and first two periods of practice.

• Consider Branden Ford and Andre Branch among the brave few. Branch was in short sleeves and low cut socks. Ford had on longer socks and short sleeves. They were the only players without long sleeves and some kind of warm bottoms on.

Terrance Ashe and Andre Ellington hobbled around on crutches together. They were instructed to head inside to one of the facilities for rehab. Both were instructed not to fall.

• Footing was bad. There were a few slips as receivers ran off the line into their route.

• Kicks were hit and really, really miss, and so were some of the snaps—again, thanks to the conditions.

• At the beginning of one period, a few of the scout team players were spotted throwing snow at each other. Others opted to kick. Neither lasted very long.

Practice is scheduled to end close to 1:30 this afternoon. Stay tuned to CUTigers for more coverage of this year's Meineke Car Care Bowl from Charlotte. Top Stories