Meineke Car Care Bowl Notebook

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Day one of bowl practice in the Queen City is over. CUTigers has the second edition of the Meineke Car Care Bowl practice notebook.

IT FEELS GOOD TO BE HOME: The bowl trip for Spencer Adams wasn't much of a trek at all, really. The redshirt sophomore cornerback attended Butler High School in nearby Matthews, N.C.

And there's no doubt that he's is glad to be back in his old stomping grounds.

"You come home, and you know it's that hometown love that you're going to get," Adams said. "No matter if you get three snaps or 100 snaps, it's going to be, how many tickets can I get to the game? I've got 25 people that want to come."

Playing time has been at a premium for Adams, who's registered seven tackles over 62 snaps this season.

Despite the lack of playing time in his first two seasons, the two-sport athlete plans on sticking it out at Clemson.

"It's been a really tough year, mentally. I definitely came out on the better side of things knowing this is where I want to be," Adams said. "With the track side of things, I do have a track career. I definitely want to stick this out and I do want to contribute to this team.

"This coming up season and this next offseason, I'm just going to push myself as hard as I can to get onto the field. I'm not a quitter…I have to play next year."

FOUR STATES, ONE DAY: Unlike Adams, DeAndre McDaniel had quite the journey from his home.

The senior started the drive to Charlotte from his hometown of Tallahassee, Fla. early Sunday morning.

"I didn't go to sleep until late, because I was still up for Christmas. It was a real long ride," he said, "Real boring."

McDaniel heard of the snowfall while he was at home. The Sunshine State native doesn't mind the winter weather, but he admitted that Monday's practice was rather difficult.

"It's real hard. Some stuff we were slowing down on. We were still slipping and falling," McDaniel said. "I don't know what the NFL does to adjust when they play in conditions like that."

NOT AS BAD AS LAST YEAR: According to Jarvis Jenkins, Monday's weather in Charlotte doesn't quite compare to last year in Nashville, Tenn.

"We can honestly say this wasn't as cold last year in the Music City Bowl. That was dry cold weather," he said. "This is actually fun playing in the snow. This is once in a lifetime chance. Right now, we're just taking it a stride at a time.

"I love playing in the cold. That's an advantage for us."

Practice at Charlotte Country Day School was the first-time Jenkins had ever played football in the snow.

"I was kind of hoping they didn't shovel the field off," he said. "They showed us a picture—it was two or three inches. It was pretty fun out there. I had a lot of fun." Top Stories