Jamie Harper's Car Care Bowl Diary

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jamie Harper checks in with CUTigers for the first edition of this year's Meineke Car Care Bowl diary.

We left (to go home) on the 22nd right after practice. We already had our bags packed. We were ready to get home. It's a six-hour drive. Me, Daniel Andrews and Tavaris Barnes headed down the road, had a nice little ride. We talked a little bit. I grew up with Daniel, so it was fun, kind of talking smack to each other, things of that nature. Tavaris was just getting kind of filled in. Most people don't understand when me and Daniel talk to each other the way we do.

I got home and ran into a few surprises. I went to stay with my dad. They had a couple of additions to the house, so there were a couple of extra people staying. I was going to go stay with my brother and he had a lot of additions to the house. He's got a newborn. The baby was born on the fourth of December. He's got another little girl. Just a few additions, so I stayed in a hotel room. I spent most of my time with my family. When I went to sleep, I went to the hotel room. With my family, I always feel comfortable. There were so many people at my house. I just had to mellow out a little bit.

Christmas Day, I picked up all my brothers, all their kids and my dad. We rode around to see everybody. We had to make so many stops. Everybody hadn't seen us all together like that in I don't know how long. That was good.

Then me, Daniel and Kyle Parker road up together. Tavaris flew. We left Sunday. We were supposed to leave at 7 o'clock in the morning, but Kyle had a little interference in packing, so we didn't leave at like 8 or 8:30. We thought we were going to be late, because it's like a six hour drive. We thought we were going to be late because of all the bad traffic and weather. It was bad, but it was pretty neat. Being from Florida, we don't ever see snow like that. I've seen it a few times, but not like that, coming down like it did and driving in it. That was a different experience, but it was cool.

For the first four hours, they were knocked out, asleep, of course, so I was driving by myself. They were out. Daniel was pretty sick. He took his medicine then plopped out. Kyle was just out. Towards the end of the ride, as we were getting close, we saw the snow. They were trying to stick cups out of the window and catch snowflakes, putting their hands out the window to see if they could catch snowballs— all kinds of crazy things. We had fun.

We got to check into our room. It's a nice hotel. Everybody's so friendly up here. It's just a little cold. I'm definitely not used to it. I got back to my duties of taking care of Andre [Ellington], just wheel-chairing him everywhere, but I've got no problem with that. That's my partner in crime. I just made sure he was comfortable, had everything, all his bags.

We had a team meeting, going over what the standards are for this bowl, just reiterating things we already know. That was mainly the focus of that. We had a second meeting and then a walk-thru, just to get us back into the groove of playing football.

You know it was real cold against Kentucky (last year). It snowed a little bit during the game, but it wasn't like that, not running while there's snow on the ground and ice—falling and sliding like 50 yards. That was neat and miserable at the same time.


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