Jamie Harper's Car Care Bowl Diary

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jamie Harper takes a trip to South Park mall, helps out his good buddy Andre Ellington with his stitches and discusses much more about his time in Charlotte in his latest bowl diary entry for CUTigers.

I didn't bowl very well (yesterday). I only had 132. It was a decent game. I average like 180-something.

After that, we had free time. I helped my partner in crime, Crip' Jr [Andre Ellington], helped him to the room. Everybody got a little dressed up.

We ended up going to the mall with DeAndre [McDaniel]. Me, Andre Ellington, Brandon Ford, Byron Maxwell and C.J. Jones. We couldn't really buy anything. It was the high-priced mall over at South Park. It had the Coach, Louis Vuitton, all that. We have to wait until we get to the next level for that type of deal.

We had fun, had a little Clemson attire on. People kind of noticed us. We made it fun for everybody in the mall. Then we ended up going to Hooters to eat, just having a good time eating, watching the game. We were looking out for Mike Palmer.

Curfew was at 1, so we got back a little early. We played cards, just hanging out and had a great time.

We ended up having a different schedule today, because the race thing got moved back. I thought we had special teams meeting at 8. I'm walking down the hall at 7:45, wondering, why am I the only person out of bed? I got down there and heard special team meeting wasn't until 10:30. Thanks for the memo.

Andre [Ellington] had to get up early, at like 7, to get the stitches out of his foot. I was already up, so it wasn't a big deal. I just came back to the room chilled out by myself. Andre popped up at like 8:45-9ish. He was showing me what they did to his foot, showing me how his foot was—it was kind of funny-looking.

He had treatment at 9:30, so I helped him down there. Before we went down there, he asked if I was going to take the Cadillac to the car wash. I was like, ‘What are you talking about? You drive a Ford. A Cadillac?'

He looked at his wheel chair and kind up bumped it.

Me and Maxwell then went and got something to eat. We brought Andre back something.

Next we went to special teams meetings. From there, it was all football.

We had a break for an hour to eat before we came out for practice. Now, we get to go back to free time. We're looking forward to that.

The atmosphere was a lot better [at practice]. The weather was still a little nippy, but it's still great. Everybody was cutting it loose.


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