Nelson Takes in the Spring Game

Maurice Nelson was one of several incoming freshman in attendence this Saturday for the spring game. Find out what he had to say about next season and more in this report. Also included are additional pictures of Nelson in the weightroom at Crestwood High School.

Maurice Nelson, younger brother of Tiger linebacker Roosevelt Nelson, has been eyeing a spot on the Tigers 'defense this fall ever since he signed with Clemson back on February 5th.

"They've had some injuries back there at rover the last couple of years and there isn't a whole lot of depth there right now," said Nelson underneath the stands of Riggs Field during halftime.

"I'm hoping I can come in and play right away, I really am. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out."

Jamaal Fudge has seemingly locked down the starting spot there this spring after making the transition over from cornerback, however, there's little doubt that Nelson will be ready to come in and contribute if he's able to come in and show his ability this fall.

"I've been working hard in the weight room, so hopefully it will pay off," Nelson added.

Crestwood assistant coach Brian Jackson says that Nelson is one of the hardest working athletes he's ever seen.

"His back is so muscular it is actually "ripped" in the lower area," said Jackson. "Kids are actually calling him 'the freak' these days."

The Sumter native attended several scrimmages and practices this spring, making his way up to Clemson on his own terms to try and help speed up his adjustment to the college level this fall.

"I'm just trying to learn as much as I can before I get here. I've been watching the defense and what the coaches have been trying to teach everybody." Top Stories