AUDIO: Clemson 87 Georgia Tech 62

CLEMSON - Listen to interviews with head coach Brad Brownell, Demontez Stitt and Andre Young after Wednesday night's 87-62 win against Georgia Tech.

"It was a great win for our guys. Our staff was fighting over who was the shooting coach tonight. In the second half, we just played really well. Things look even better when you shoot the ball in. But I thought we had good defensive intensity. We knocked a few balls loose and got some easy ones. Obviously, we made threes, which makes the game a lot easier."

On his second half adjustments: "We told them that defense starts from inside out. Sometimes when you're a pressing team or when we're pressing the ball full-court, you can lose sight of that and get so worried about guys making jump shots that you forget to protect your basket. We didn't talk too much more about anything offensively."

On shooting 85% from the floor in the second half: "I think momentum is a big key in any game or any sport. I think kids watch other guys making a shot or two and the basket looks bigger. When you make one, all of a sudden, the basket looks bigger to you. Then your buddy makes one and it looks like you can make one. The same thing is true when it's not going in. That's when you need big-time players to step up and make shots. Tonight, we just had it rolling really good." On the recent play of Demontez Stitt and Andre Young: "I think both kids are playing well. When Demontez is shooting like that, it makes him a more versatile player. He's always been very good at attacking the basket. He's starting to shoot the ball in pretty good rhythm. We've switched those guys, with Andre handling the ball a little bit more. We're mixing them up to try and give teams different looks and work on different things with both kids. I think both are improving and playing with pretty good confidence right now."


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