Answering some questions

This rangy target from South Carolina's low country discusses his official visit to Clemson in this report.

WR Stanton Seckinger Profile

Stanton Seckinger had lots to talk about while he was in Clemson on his official visit this weekend.

The Porter Gaud (Charleston) two-star wide receiver spoke with recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott about the possibility of a greyshirt.

"He was just saying we'll probably know more after signing day," Seckinger said told CUTigers, adding that the early departures of Da'Quan Bowers and Jamie Harper will help free up space.

He also asked Scott about the possibility of a positions switch, from wide receiver to tight end.

"He said he wants to play me at the x or z position, somewhere on the outside in a spread offense," Seckinger said. "I'm putting my faith and trust him, because that's what he wants me to do."

Offensive coordinator Chad Morris was described as "down to earth."

"He could just sit and have a personal conversation for 30 or 45 minutes, just talking about whatever," Seckinger said. "He's definitely a guy who I feel like fits the staff. He's a great addition to the staff. I've heard nothing but good things about his offense."

He was also able to connect with several committed members of the 2011 class.

"I hadn't really gotten a chance to many of them. I'd gotten a chance to speak with Eric MacLain, Colton Walls and Robert Smith," Seckinger said. "Other than that, I really didn't get a chance to talk with anybody else. Being able to meet everybody and kind of introduce yourself, start a friendship— that was the best part of the weekend." Top Stories