AUDIO: Clemson 60 N.C. State 50

CLEMSON - Listen to interviews with head coach Brad Brownell and Bryan Narcisse.

"We just got rocked early. N.C. State played really well. I didn't think our defense was terrible, but they made shots. I thought offensively we were better than the score was indicating. We just didn't make shots. We got a little tight, but we just kept imploring our guys to hang in there and improve defensively, then we could go on a run and momentum would help us a bit. In the second half, both teams struggled. We won the game with our defense in the last 28 or 30 minutes."

On how his team came back throughout the game: "I just think that things get going well for a team and things get going bad like they were for us at the beginning. I'm calling timeouts and coaching and everything and nothing is working. We didn't make any drastic changes that changed the game, and I don't think Sidney (Lowe) did anything different. We got momentum and our guys just started to make plays."

On his team's rebounding edge: "We got them to shoot a low percentage, but N.C. State is a pretty good offensive rebounding team. For us to keep them off the glass and not give up those putbacks that break your back was key for us in the run."

On the impact of Scott Wood: "The scare was that Scott Wood would start making shots and it would open everything else up. Then the inside game gets going when you over-help to Scott Wood and you can't get it shut off. That was a major concern. A couple of times, our big guys switched out onto Wood to take away a shot or at least make him take a tougher shot."

On the play of Bryan Narcisse: "He plays hard. He's out there giving it his all, and he's long. He covers a lot of ground and space. His arms are long and he has big strides, so he just covers a lot of space. He's been doing it a while now. He is a junior, so it's time for him to do these things." BRYAN NARCISSE: (2:18) Top Stories