Breaking down Clemson's win

ATLANTA - CUTigers takes a look at the key players and moments from Saturday's 65-56 win at Georgia Tech.

Like he has since returning from knee surgery, Stitt continues to play at a high-level.

The senior scored 16 points, handed out five assists and grabbed five rebounds. Though he had three steals, Stitt also committed five turnovers.

Statistically, the numbers looked pretty good. It's the intangibles that Clemson coach Brad Brownell has stressed to Stitt.

"One of the big things me and coach talked about is being a leader at all times, not just being a leader when things are going your way," Stitt said. "After the last game, I watched the Virginia tape. I was really disappointed in myself. Things were going bad and I wouldn't talk to guys. I'd allow guys to stay in a slump and allow myself to stay in a slump."

He made it a point not to do that on Saturday.

"I wanted to keep a positive aura about myself, so guys would feed off of that," Stitt said.

Shumpert led Georgia Tech with 17 points, eight rebounds and three steals.

But he shot 5-of-15 from the field and missed all four 3-point attempts. Shumpert also committed five turnovers.

"I admire him because of how hard he plays on both ends. I think he plays as hard as anybody plays in our league, in terms of both ends," Brownell said.

The second half dunks by Milton Jennings.

With just under nine minutes left in the game, Jennings threw down when he was wide-open underneath the rim. That put Clemson up 48-42. The next jam was the result of his steal near half-court.

Easy enough - it was the final score, 65-56.

A lot of folks will say it's the only statistic that matters. Today, it is the only stat that matters.

About halfway through the first half, I mumbled to myself, ‘Here they go again.'

Another slow start. One more big deficit to rally against.

How on earth is this team going to win with such poor starts? Well, they did it.

Even though I was inside here at ‘The Thriller Dome' (I use that term loosely) I'm pretty sure I heard the collective sigh of relief from the direction of I-85 North.

Brownell believes there's some irony to the difference in starts on the road and at home. Almost rarely have things started slowly in the friendly confines of Littlejohn. And it seems to have been the exact opposite for each road game.

Weird? A little bit.

But nothing too out of the ordinary—he'd agree.

"Our guys get a little tight sometimes on the road, and they don't see the ball go in," Brownell said. "Until it's almost like guys make a basket, then they can take a deep sigh of relief and just go play. That's not uncommon, especially on the road. That seems like it's happened here on a regular basis."

Fortunately, for the Tigers, it didn't come back to bite them at the end of this afternoon's game.

With tough home games up next week—B.C. and UNC, Clemson needed this one. Need it bad.

The Eagles have the best coach in the conference that you haven't heard of—Steve Donahue.

The Heels don't have Larry Drew II anymore, per his father—the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks.

With just 6,219 fans in today, a 10-12 record (3-6 ACC), how does Paul Hewitt have a job after this season?

My guess is he doesn't. Top Stories