Must win No. 1

CUTigers takes a look at the key players and moments from Tuesday's 77-69 win over Boston College.

PLAYER OF THE GAME – Clemson – Demontez Stitt

Another night, another impressive stat line for Stitt.

The senior point guard scored 16 points on 5-of-9 shooting from the field. He handed out four assists and grabbed five rebounds. Stitt also blocked a pair of shots.

"We sort of let down a little bit in the second half, but we maintained," he said. "I think our first half intensity was better than our second half."

PLAYER OF THE GAME – Boston College – Reggie Jackson

In case you didn't notice, Jackson is pretty good—probably the most under-rated player in the ACC.

Brad Brownell called Jackson a "high-level" player.

"For us to do the job we did, [it] took a lot out of us," Brownell said. "I commend our guys for their defensive discipline. It was great defensive discipline tonight."


With just over a minute left in the first half, Andre Young pocketed one of his two steals. He immediately headed up a fast-break, dribbling behind his back to beat a Boston College defender before crossing half-court. He then located a trailing Tanner Smith cutting through the lane. Smith finished with a two-handed dunk.


Boston College had 15 offensive rebounds. Though the number leaves a little bit to be desired, Brownell said it's a product of what the Eagles do on the offensive end.

"They're shooting jump shots, so when it does miss, they're bouncing longer. It's more of a fifty, fifty ball," Brownell said. "They bring guys running in, so your block outs are more difficult.

"Do I block the guy out? Or do I just try to go get the ball? Where's he coming from?"

He added that it's difficult to guard that way.

"That's something that we could improve upon," Brownell said.


In the post-game press conference, Brownell shared the catch-22 that basketball coaches experience with a double-digit lead and plenty of time left on the clock.

Take open shots early in the shot clock, and you run the risk of criticism if some of the shots aren't falling.

Take 25-30 seconds off the shot clock before looking for a shot and you're not playing to win.

"I called a timeout with six minutes left and told our guys to just play to win," Brownell said. "If we get an advantage, then try to score. If we don't, then let's get a couple of passes and get a good look. We had a couple of good paint drives at the end of the game."

Outside of the 12-0 run midway through the second half, Clemson's performance was a solid one, wire to wire.

Brownell called it the best game of the season. Heading into this weekend's game against the Tar Heels, that's big.

This two-game home stand is made up of a pair of must-wins. Given the way North Carolina's playing of late, most probably feel tonight's game was even more important.

Six games left. Four wins will make things a lot more comfortable come selection Sunday in March. Top Stories